All About Higher Education Commission Of India

About Act.
1.Higher Education Commission Of India Act 2018 repeals University Grant Commission Act 1956
2.This act is applicable to all higher educational institution excluding institution of national importance.


1.The commission consists of chair person,vice chairman and 12 other members appointed by central government.
2.The chairperson and vice chairman are selected by search cum selection committee headed by cabinet secretary.
3.The term of chairman and vice chairman is 5 years.


1.promoting the quality of academic standards
2.promote the autonomy of higher educational institutions ,innovation,inclusion and opportunities to all,entrepreneurship etc,.
3.lay down standards of teaching,assessment and research.
4.Evaluate the yearly performance of higher educational institutions.
5.Robust accreditation system.
6.Order closure of institutions which fail to adhere minimum standards.
7.Specify norms and standards for grant of authorization.
8.Lay down standards for grant of autonomy.
9.Specify norms for award of degrees.
10.Enable university to become self regulatory bodies.
11.Penalties for non compliance.

Advisory Council

1.Advisory council chaired by union minister of human resources and development and with chairman and vice chairman and HECI members.
2.Advisory council meet at least once in every 6 months for coordinated functioning of central and state government in the field of higher education.
3.The commission take steps to implement advise rendered by advisory council.

Advantages of Higher Education Commission Of India.

1.Separations of grant functions— Now ministry will look grant functions and HECI will look only on academic matters .
2.Less government and more governance.
3.Focus of quality of higher education and academic standards.

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