THE ISLANDS- Indian Physical Geography Part 7

OVERVIEW India has a total of 247 islands (distant is­lands) of which 204 lie in the Bay of Bengal and remaining in the Arabian Sea. The Bay islands consisting of Andaman and... Read more »

What Is Money ? Why Is So Important ?What Is Fiat Money ? Explained -Basic Concepts Of Economy Part 4

What Is Money ? Everyone uses money. Through money we get the things we wanted.But, what exactly is it? What is the use of it ? Money is a Medium of Exchange... Read more »


INTRODUCTION Primarily disasters are triggered by natural hazards or human-induced, or result from a combination of both. In particular, human-induced factors can greatly aggravate the adverse impacts of a natural disaster. NATURAL HAZARDS The... Read more »

Appreciation ,Depreciation Of Currency And Its Impacts-Explained -Basic Concepts Of Economy Part 3

What is Appreciation of Currency ? Currency appreciation is an increase in the value one currency regarding another currency. Let us see an example of currency appreciation. At the month of January,... Read more »

THE COASTAL PLAINS- Indian Physical Geography Part 6

OVERVIEW The coastal plains of India are located along the Arabian Sea coast in the west and along the Bay of Bengal coast in the east. According to their location to the... Read more »

Disaster Risk Reduction in Sustainable Development Goals

INTRODUCTON There has been an increasing recognition that disasters undermine our efforts to achieve sustainable development. In tandem with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction(SFDRR), the other international policy frameworks adopted... Read more »

Recession ,Depression Cycle Of Economy ! Basic Concepts Of Economy Part 3

What is recession ? Recession is defined as a slowing down of the activity in the economy ie decline in GDP growth of an economy. What cause a recession ? Experts says... Read more »


WHAT IS CAPACITY ??? Capacity is defined as the ability of individuals, organisations ,organisational units and /or systems to perform functions effectively and in a sustainable manner… Capacity is the means to... Read more »

THE PENINSULAR PLATEAU-Indian Physical Geography Part 5

OVERVIEW Rising from the height of 150 m above the river plains up to an elevation of 600-900 m is the irregular triangle known as the Peninsular plateau. Delhi ridge in the... Read more »

Deflation,Dis Inflation!How deflation affects Economy -Basic Concepts Of Economy Part 2

Lets continue the next part ,that is disinflation and deflation.There is some difference between deflation and dis inflation.lets see that first. What is dis inflation ? Slow down in rate of increase... Read more »