Dholavira – UNESCO has included Dholavira of Kutch in the list of World Heritage Sites in 2021 – Dholavira, known locally as Kotada (which means large fort), sprawls over 100 hectares of... Read more »

The Pallavas

Introduction ## The Pallava kings ruled around the prosperous agrarian settlement and important trade centre of Kanchipuram on the southeast coast of India. ##Kanchipuram was well known to Chinese and Roman merchants.... Read more »

The Rashtrakutas

 Introduction : ## The rivalry between the Pratiharas and the Rashtrakutas proved to be destructive to both the dynasties. ## The Arab traveller Al￾Masudi who visited Kanauj recorded the enmity between the... Read more »

The Pala Dynasty

The Palas ##. After the death of Harsha, the Pratiharas (Jalore-Rajasthan), the Palas (Bengal) and the Rashtrakutas (Deccan) engaged in a triangular contest for the control of the Ganga–Yamuna doab and the... Read more »

Pushyabhuti dynasty or Vardhana Dynasty

Introduction ##  North India splintered into several warrior kingdoms after the downfall of the Gupta Empire. ##  Excepting in the areas that were subdued by the Huns (modern Punjab, Rajasthan and Malwa),... Read more »

Chanakya – Important Facts

Read more »

Gupta Dynasty and Their Administration

Introduction After the Mauryan empire, many small kingdoms rose and fell. In the period from c. 300 to 700 CE, a classical pattern of an imperial rule evolved, paving the way for... Read more »

Mauryan Empire and their Administration

Sources Of Mauryan Empire :  There are hardly any comprehensive contemporary accounts or literary works which refer to the Mauryan emperors though they are mentioned in various Buddhist and Jain texts as well... Read more »

Alexander’s Invasion in India

During Dana Nanda’s reign, Alexander invaded north-west India (327–325 BCE). In many ways, the invasion by Alexander is a watershed in Indian history. It marked the beginning of the interaction between India... Read more »

Haryanka Dynasty , Shishunagas and Nanda Dynasty

Rise of Magadha under the Haryanka Dynasty Among the 16 mahajanapadas, Kasi was initially powerful. However, Kosala became dominant later. A power struggle broke out between Magadha, Kosala, Vrijji and Avanti. Eventually... Read more »