Krishna Devaraya – Important Facts

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Vijayanagar Empire -Medieval India Part 21

Vijayanagar Empire Origin and Expansion There are different traditions regarding the foundation of the Vijayanagar kingdom. It is now generally accepted, on the basis of contemporary inscriptions, that the two brothers Harihara... Read more »

Bahmini Kingdom – Medieval India Part 20

Introduction At the beginning of the fourteenth century, when the Delhi Sultanate was preparing to extend southwards, the Deccan and south India were divided into four kingdoms: the Yadavas of Devagiri (Western... Read more »

Marathas – Part 3(Society and Administration of Marathas)-Medieval India Part 19

Maratha Administration Central Government Shivaji was a not only a great warrior but a good administrator too. He had an advisory council to assist him in his day-to-day administration. This council of... Read more »

Marathas – Part 2 (Marathas after Shivaji)-Medieval India Part 18

Marathas after Shivaji A year after the death of Shivaji, his eldest son and successor Sambhaji led a Maratha army into Mughal territory, captured Bahadurpur in Berar, and plundered its wealth. Provoked... Read more »

Marathas Part 1 (Shivaji) – Medieval India Part 17

Introduction The Marathas played a major role in the decline of Mughal power. Under the dynamic leadership of Shivaji, they posed a strong challenge to Mughal power during the 1670s. By the... Read more »

The Mughal Empire Art and Architecture -Medieval India Part 16

Architecture Architectural progress during the Mughals is a landmark in world art. Mughal buildings were noted for the massive structures decorated with bulbous domes, splendorous minarets, cupolas in the four corners, elaborate... Read more »

Aurangzeb -The Mughal Empire -Medieval India Part 14

Aurangzeb (1658–1707) Aurangzeb Alamgir (“World Conqueror”) ascended the throne in 1658 after getting rid of all the competitors for the throne, Dara Shukoh, Shuja and Murad, in a war of succession. His... Read more »

Jahangir and Shah Jahan -The Mughal Empire -Medieval India Part 12

Jahangir (1605–1627) Akbar was succeeded by his son Salim with the title Nur-ud-din Jahangir. He was Akbar’s son by a Rajput wife. His ascension was challenged by his eldest son Prince Khusrau... Read more »

Akbar – The Mughal Empire -Medieval India Part 12

Emperor Akbar (1556–1605) During Humayun’s wanderings in the Rajputana desert, his wife gave birth to a son, Jalaluddin, known as Akbar, in 1542. Akbar was crowned at the age of fourteen. At... Read more »