What Is Operation Twist ?

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What is Reverse Repo Rate ?

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What is Repo Rate ?

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What is a Government Security ?

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What are Open Market Operations ?

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What are Treasury Bills ?

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Why Public Credit Registry Is Very Important To Tackle NPA’s ? -All About Public Credit Registry-Explained!

Definition Of Public Credit Registry(PCR): #A public credit registry will be formed as information store house where all loan information of individuals and corporate borrowers are stored . #The registry will have... Read more »

Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code And  Insolvency And Bankruptcy Board Of India …Explained !!!

Why Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Needed??? Before going into the topic lets look the difference between Insolvency and Bankruptcy ………. Insolvency Meaning : Unable to pay the debts.Insolvency is a situation where... Read more »

NPA/ Restructured Loans/ Written Off Assets / Stressed Assets !!! Explained !!

Non Performing Assets : Assets of Banks are Loans and advances given to customer. If those Loans and advances are not return back to Bank ,they are termed as Non Performing Assets.... Read more »

National Anti-Profiteering Authority (NAA)- All About !!

Why National Anti-Profiteering Authority Is Constituted ? # The implementation of GST has made a major revamp in the collection of indirect taxes in the country.Benefits of reduced rates or  input tax credit... Read more »