India – Bangladesh Relationship – Continue

Other Cooperation #Land Boundary Agreement(LBA) Brief History Attempts have been made to arrive at a comprehensive settlement of the land boundary between India and Bangladesh (the erstwhile East Pakistan) since 1947. The... Read more »

India – Bangladesh Relationship – Continue

Why Bangladesh is important to North East States of India ? Ports – The nearest port for the Northeast is Kolkata. Kolkata is 1500 km from Aizawl and Agartala. Not just the... Read more »


History of Relationship 1971 : Mukti Bakini (The Mukti Bahini, also known as the Bangladesh Forces, was the guerrilla resistance movement formed by the Bangladeshi military, paramilitary and civilians during the War... Read more »


History of Relationship =>In the initial days India followed a “buffer strategy” with Bhutan 1947 : India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty – According to this treaty India was mandated to guide Bhutan’s Foreign policy... Read more »


The major reason why India do not had meaningful relationship was lack of connectivity. History of Relationship 1979 – Soviet invasion of Afganistan 1992- Soviet Withdrew,,this resulted into weak mujahidin rule in... Read more »

India – Myanmar relationship – continue

Issues 1)China – Myanmar Cooperation This engagement extends between 1962 – 1992 [This is when sanctions from the west was on Myanamar] Why China involves in Myanmar ? China seeks to use... Read more »

India – Myanmar Relationship

India’s relationship with its neighbourhood are multidimensional and interactive. Shared civilisational heritage is reflected through cultural activitie History of Relationship 1951 : ordial relationship 1962 : Military coup and and regime in... Read more »

India-China Relations- part 4

Cooperation 1)Economic Both India and China are aspiring for democratising international finantial institutions – eg : AIIB, NDB are initiatives agaist WORLD BANK, IMF etc Five year trade or economic development plan... Read more »

India – China Relationship – Part 3

Indirect conflict  #String of Pearls Tactics of China What is String of Pearls Tactics of China ?? It is a theory that possible intention of China in Indian Ocean. Scholars argue that China... Read more »

India – China Relationship – part 2

Conflict Continues Indirect Conflict #China – Pakistan Nexus *Historical In all major wars China supported Pakistan *Strategic China supported Pak in Kashmir issue Pak played a link between China and muslim countries... Read more »