India Forest Act 1878

India Forest Act 1878 This act repealed Indian forest act of 1865. The 1878 Act divided forests into three categories. Reserved forest Protected forest Village forests. The best forests were called ‘reserved... Read more »

Lord Dalhousie

Lord Dalhousie was the youngest Governor- General of India when he assumed charge at the age of 36 in 1848. His early career was remarkable. He studied at Christ Church, Oxford. He... Read more »

William Bentinck

Lord William Bentinck assumed the office of the Governor- General in 1828. Born in 1774 he commenced his career as a soldier and later at the young age of twenty two be... Read more »

Lord Hastings

Lord Hastings became Governor- General in 1813. He adopted a vigorous forward policy and waged wars extensively. His aggressive and imperialist polices paved the way for the general of expansion of the... Read more »


The appointment of Richard Colley Wellesly at Governor- General marks an epoch in the history of British India. He was a great imperialists and called himself ‘a Bengal tiger’. Wellesly came to... Read more »

Lord Cornwallis

Lord Cornwallis, a warrior- statesman, succeeded Warren Hastings as Governor- General in 1786. He belonged to an influential and aristocratic family which head wider political connections. He was also a close friend... Read more »

Warren Hastings

The English East India company The English East India company was established on 31 December 100 as per the Royal Charter issued by the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. The company had... Read more »

Carnatic Wars

ANGLO- FRENCH STRUGGLE (CARNATIC WARS) The English and the French East India companies were established with the motive of trading with India. In course of time their competition turned into rivalry and... Read more »

Advent Of Europeans

Introduction: India had commercial contact with European countries from time immemorial. With the arrival of Alexander the Great these relations became still more intimate. There was a great demand for Indian goods... Read more »

The Mughal Empire Society and Administration -Medieval India Part 15

Mughal Society The population of India is estimated to have been around 15 crores in the 16th century and 20 crores in the 18th Large areas of land were under forest cover... Read more »