Amma salt -2014 – Scheme 21

  • Amma salt will be available in three varieties which include double fortified, low sodium and refined free flow iodised salt and has been priced significantly lower than its rival products in the respective segments.
  • While the double fortified Amma salt is priced at Rs 14 a kg, the same product sold by private producers cost costs Rs 21  in the open market. Similarly, refined free flow Amma salt costs Rs 10 per kg while the market price for a similar product is Rs 14.
  • The low sodium salt produced by the state costs Rs 21 a kg which is less than market price by Rs 4
  • While double fortified salt which contains iron and iodine benefits those suffering from anemia, low sodium salt helps those suffering from high blood pressure to keep their control their systolic and diastolic numbers in check.
  • Amma salt being produced by the Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation (TNSC) and will be available in all state government run retail outlets including Amudham and Kamadhenu supermarkets and all the TUCS  PDS outlets in the state.
  • TNSC already produces iodised salt for the retail market which is available in stores as of now. “The three new varieties have now been introduced at subsidised prices for the benefit of the poor,”

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