Animal Welfare Board Of India

Introduction :

# Animal Welfare Board Of India is a statutory advisory body established in 1962 under Prevention and Cruelty To Animals Act ,1960.

Animal Welfare Board Of India provides animal welfare laws and promotes animal welfare in the country.

# A known humanitarian late Smt.Rukmini Devi Arundale gave main force for the formation of Animal Welfare Board Of India .

Functions Of Animal Welfare Board Of India :

#To study the  Prevention and Cruelty to Animals Act and advise the Government on the amendments to be undertaken.

#To lessen the burden of Draught animals,it advices government or local authority of other person on improvement in the design of vehicles .

# To advice the Central Government on making of rules under the act to prevent pain or suffering to animals while they are kept in Captivity or confinement or while transportation.

# To advice the Government or local authority or any other person in the design of slaughter house and its improvement and maintenance so that unnecessary pain or suffering is eliminated at pre slaughter stage .

# It will grant financial assistance for the establishment of shelter homes,rescue homes,pinjarapoles,sanctuaries etc for the welfare and protection of animals.It  will also give financial assistance to encourage the formation of Animal Welfare organisation in any local area .

# To grant assistance to Animal Hospital and advice Central Government in matter related to Animal Hospitals.

# To give awareness and education about the animal welfare and Animal protection .

# To  take all steps as the Board may think fit to ensure that unwanted animals are destroyed by local authorities ,whenever it is necessary to do so,either instantaneously or after being rendered insensible to pain or suffering.

Organisation :

# Chairman in nominated by Central Government 

# The Board consists of 28 members from various institutions and Parliament.

# The term of office of members is 3 years.

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