Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB]

About AIIB :

Started in 2016,AIIB is a multilateral development bank with an objective to improve the social and economic outcomes in Asia and other countries .AIIB is initiated by China. It is viewed as Asia response to west dominated Asian Development Bank and world Bank.

AIIB headquarters is in Beijing. Total members as of now is 87.

AIIB mainly provide investments in energy,power generation,transport,rural infrastructure,environmental protection and logistics.It has an authorized capital of US$100billion.

Share holding :
China – 31%
India – 8%
Russia – 6.8%
Major economies such as United States , Japan , mexico , Nigeria are not the members of AIIB.

AIIB annual meetings :

First meeting held in Beijing ,china in 2016.Second meeting in jeju,South Korea(2017) and third meeting held in Mumbai,India(2018).4th meeting will be held in Luxembourg(2019).

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