Brahmani and Baitarni River System

Brahmani and Baitarni river

The basin consisting of Brahmani and Baitarni extends over states of Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh .

Fig : Brahmani River

Boundary of the river

The basin is bounded by the

  1. Chhotanagpur Plateau on the north,
  2.  the ridge separating it from Mahanadi basin on the west and the south
  3. the Bay of Bengal on the east.

The Brahmani  basin has a long sausage shape.

Source of Brahmani

The Brahmani, known as South Koel in its upper reaches, rises near Nagri village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand.

Source of Baitarni River

  • The Baitarni River rises near Dumuria village in the hill ranges of Kendujhar district of Odisha.
  • The river is known as Dhamra in its lower reaches.

Fig : Brahmani – Baitarni Basin Source : WRIS 

  1. The important tributaries of Brahmani joining it from left are the Karo, and the Sankh whereas the Tikra joins from right.
  2. The main tributaries of Baitarni joining from left are the Salandi and the Matai.
  3. Brahmani and Baitarni form common delta area before outfalling into the Bay of Bengal.





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