Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)

Introduction :

# Broadcasting content complaints council is the independent ,self regulatory body for non-news general entertainment channels setup by Indian Broadcasting Foundation in 2011.

#The council from time to time receive complaints from High Courts .It also provides inputs to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for responding to questions put by members of Parliament.

# Ministry Of I &B recognized the self regulatory mandate of BCCC.

# BCCC would examine the complaints about television programmes  received from viewers or any sources ,NGO’s ,RAW, Ministry of Broadcasting etc.

# BCCC ensures that programmes in television are in conformity with the self regulatory content guidelines.

# You may make a complaint against any television channels if they breach the code in following principles.

                       1.National Interest

                       2.Racial and Religious Harmony

                       3.Children and generally accessible programme.

                        4.Social Values

                        5.Kissing , Sex and Nudity

                        6.Violence and Crime


                        8.Horror and the occult

                        9.Drugs,Smoking,Tobacco,Solvents and Alcohol

                       10.Libel,Slander and Defamation

                       11.Harm and Offence


# The BCCC Council is a 13 member body.

# Chairperson bring a retired judge of Supreme Court or High Court.

# Other 12 members must be from

                  —> Four Non Broadcaster members

                  —> Four members from any National Level Statutory Commissions

—> Four Broadcaster members



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