Chambal River System

River Chambal

  • The Chambal River, called Charmanvati in ancient times.
  • It is the largest of the rivers flowing through Rajasthan state.
  •  It lies in the states of Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh and Rajat .


  •  River Chambal, the biggest tributary of Yamuna rises in Vindhyan range near Mhow in Indore District of Madhya Pradesh .

 Chambal basin is bound on

1.north by the ridge separating it from Luni and Yamuna basins,

2.on the south by Vindhyan range

3.on the west by Aravali range,

4.on east lies the ridge separating it from Kunwari and Sind rivers of Yamuna basin Chambal basin . Its total catchment area is 1,39,468

Three major dams and one barrage have been constructed on this river .

  1. Gundhi Sagar Dam located on the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan .
  2. Rana Pratap Sagar is located in  Rawat Bhata near  Gandhi Sagar Dam  in the state of Rajasthan
  3. Jawahar Sagar Dam near to  Rana Pratap Sagar Dam.
  4. Kota Barrage near Kota city which is 48 km downstream of Rana Pratap Sagar Dam.

Tributaries of Chambal River

Left Tributaries

  1. Banas
  2. Mej

Right Tributaries

  1. Parbati
  2. Kali Sindh
  3. Shipra

Chambal Tributaries explanation

Kali Sindh:

  • It’s originated in the northern slopes of Vindhya Hills.
  •  It flows through Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
  •  Its joins Chambal River near Nonera village of Kota District.

Parwan River:

  • The Parwan River is the tributary  of Kalisindh River.
  • The Parwan originate in the Malwa Plateau in the stt of Madhya Pradesh
  • . Its join Kali Sindh near Ramgarh village in Kota district.

 Parwati River:

  • The Parwati river originates in the northern slopes of the Vindhyan hills in M.P.
  • This river   forms a boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan .
  •  Major tributaries of the Parwati River are Lhasi, Berni, Bethli, Andheri, Retri, Dubraj, Bilas and Kunu.

Banas River

  • The Banas River originates in the Khamnor hills of the Aravali range .
  • This river lies mostly in the state of Rajasthan
  • The main tributaries of the Banas River are Berach and Menali on the right bank and Kothari, Khari, Dai, Dheel, Sohadara, Morel and Kalisil on the left bank.

Sipra River

The Sipra River is also call Ksipra (Markandeya). It flows in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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