General English – Exam Series 3 – Sir Issac Newton – The Ingenious Scientist

1. Isaac Newton was born in the year ?

A. 1642

B. 1655

C. 1645

D. 1640

2. Mrs. Newton was married again to a 

A. Doctor

B. Clerk

C. clergyman

D. Philanthropist

3. Who take cared of Issac Newton when her mother left him ?

A. Grand Father

B. Grand Mother

C. Uncle

D. Neighbours

4. Issac Newton Started to manufacture ——-

A. Bulb

B. Clock

C. Engine

D. Bycycle

5. Besides the water-clock , Issac also manufactured ?

A. Pendulum

B. Audio device

C. Sun dail

D. Paper

6. The sun-dial is said to be still in existence at Woolsthorpe, on the ___________ of the

house where Isaac dwelt ?

A. Top

B. Bottom

C. Corner

D. Left

7. Not far from his grandmother’s residence there was a __________, which operated on a new plan .

A. Hotel

B. Paper mill

C. Sugar mill

D. Wind mill

8. Issac had constructed a model of the __________ ?

A. Windmill

B. Paper mill

C. Clock

D. Sun Dail

9. Issac Newton belong to which Country ?

A. America

B. England

C. Canada

D. Germany

10. With the aid of these, Isaac Contrived to make many curious articles, at which he worked with so much skill, that he seemed to have been born with a saw or chisel in his hand. The meaning of Contrived is ?

A. Constructed

B. Destroyed

C. Acquired

D. Invented

11. While the mill was at rest, he pried into its internal machinery . The meaning of Pried is ?

A. Investigated

B. Curiously looking

C. Cleaned

D. Watched

12. Isaac Newton was born at the small village of

A .Woolsthorpe

B. Horsforth

C. Lancing

D. Kidlington

13. Some of his friends, no doubt, advised Isaac’s grandmother to apprentice him to a____________

A. Sun Dailer

B. Mill Maker

C. Machine Shop

D. Clockmaker

14. He watched the process by which themill-stones were made to revolve, and crush the grain that was put into the hopper ? Here The meaning of Hopper is ?

A. Funnel shaped bins

B. Funnel Shaped bucket

C. Funnel shaped Cleaner

D. Funnel Shaped Machine

15. Isaac made a clock, by the dropping of

A. Ice

B. Water

C. Gas

D. Pin

16. Though not so large, I suppose as one of thebox-traps which boys set to catch_____________, yet every part of the mill and its machinery was complete .

A. Rabbit

B. Cat

C. Cockroach

D. Squirrel

17. And what was most curious if a handful of grains of _____________ were put into the little hopper, they would soon be converted into snow white flour.

A. Rice

B. Wheat

C. Maize

D. White rice

18. He jumped against the wind; and by the length of his jump, he could calculate the _____________ of a gentle breeze, a brisk gale, or a tempest .

A. Area

B. Force

C. Acceleration

D. Velocity

19. Nobody could tell what the sunshine was composed of. Here the synonym of Composed is ?

A. Made

B. Known

C. Full

D. Felt

20. Isaac’s playmates were enchanted with his new ____________. They thought that nothing so pretty, and so wonderful, had ever been seen in the whole world.

A. Clock

B. Sun Dail

C. Sugar mill

D. Wind mill

21. When Isaac was __________ years old, his mother’s second husband being now dead, she wished her son leave school, and assist her in managing the farm at Woolsthorpe.

A. 14

B. 13

C. 12

D. 15

22. But his mind was so bent on becoming a___________, that his mother sent him back to school, and afterwards to the University of Cambridge.

A. Scientist

B. Researcher

C. Scholar

D. Clock Maker

23. Sir Issac Newton died at the age of ?

A. 70

B. 82

C. 85

D. 87

24. When Issac Newton was 14 years old , he tried to turn his attention to _____________ for 2 years ?

A. Labour

B. Farmer

C. Study college

D. Learn mathematics

25. He was the first that found out the _______________; for, before his day, nobody could tell what the sunshine was composed of until then.

A. Nature of Light

B. Nature of Sun and moon

C. Nature of Solar System

D. Galaxy theory

26. Sir Issac Newton died in the year ?

A. 1717

B. 1721

C. 1724

D. 1727

27 . While researching he was accustomed to spend night after night in a lofty tower, gazing at the heavenly bodies through a telescope. .The synonym of accustomed is ?

A. Something wanted for

B. Something familiar with

C. Trying to practice

D. Something to do with research


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