General English Exam Series – 8th Standard Questions – Part 1

8th standard Question Series – Part 1 

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8th standard Question part 1

1. “You are always self-centred,” said the male sparrow and added, “Should we not help this Ramayya?  

Why should sparrow wanted to help Ramayya ? 

A. Ramayya was in danger at that time

B. Ramayya was not rich

C. He could not take care his family

D. All the above are correct


2. The female sparrow said with disdain, “Let me see what help you can do for him. Please do not talk about what does not concern us. 

What is the thing that concern the female sparrow ? 

A. She doesn’t wanted the snake to come near her nest

B.she wanted male Sparrow to see that the cat does not come near the nest

C. She wanted to go as far as she can to search for food

D. She wanted to catch the prey as soon as possible

3. The male bird picked it up and came to the nest with the shining stud in his beak and said to his wife: “Look! Do you like this? 

What did the male bird show to her wife ? 

A. Gold

B. Silver

C. Diamond

D. Platinum

4. How many sparrows built a nest in the roof of Ramayya’s house ? 

A. 4 Sparrows

B. 2 sparrows

C. 1 sparrow

D. 3 sparrow

5. The bird dropped the diamond stud on the _______________ and went out in search of little worms for the young ones. 

A. Well

B. Temple

C. Floor

D. Roof

6. Ramayya’s wife noticed the jewel as she was sweeping the floor. She picked it up with delight .

What did ramayya’s wife do once she picked up the diamond ? 

A. She wanted to sell the diamond

B. She kept the diamond in box

C. She gave the diamond to her husband

D. She wore it

7. On seeing the diamond , the reaction of Ramayya was ? 

A. Angry

B. Happy

C. Sad

D. Worried

8. A bird eye takes up about ____________ percentage of its head ? 

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 40%

D. 60%

9. Who is very careless and ignorance  in the story ” The nose jewel ” ? 

A. Meenakshi

B. Ramayya’s wife

C. Servant

D. Mother of Meenakshi

10. Who was suspected by everyone to have stolen the diamond ? 

A. Mother

B. Ramayya’s Wife

C. Maid Servant

D. Meenakshi Ammal

11. Match the incorrect option 

A. Delight – Displease

B. Disgrace – Glory

C. Secret – Public

D. Confine – Restricted

12. I am not _________ to drink soda . I will __________ my friend. 

A. Aloud , meat

B. Allowed , meat

C. Aloud , meet

D. Allowed , Meet

13. Every morning my father likes to look at the _____________ on the grass ? 

A. Due

B. Duo

C. Dew

D. Dwe

14. He will play the _____________ in the second play ? 

A. Role

B. Roll

C. Roal

D. Rolle

15. The full form of EMIS is ? 

A. Economic Management Information System

B. Education Management Information System

C. Economic Management Intelligence system

D. Education Management Intelligence system

16. The full form of NMMS is ? 

A. National Means Cum Merit Scholarship

B. National Mains Cum Merit Scholarship

C. National Management Cum Merit Scholarship

D. National Means cum Management Scholarship

17. The Full form of IFSC is ? 

A. Indian Financial Security Code

B. Indian Financial System Code

C. Indian Financial System coordination

D. Indian Financial Security Coordination

18. The Full form of ADHD is ? 

A. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

B. Another Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

C. All Body Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

D. Attention Disorder Hyperactivity Division

19. The full form of SIM is ? 

A. Security Identification Module

B. Subscriber Identification Module

C. Subscriber Identity Modification

D. Subscriber Identity Module

20. Which among the following is not an adverb ? 

A. Very

B. Beautifully

C. Cleverly

D. Large

21. Which among the following is not an adjective ? 

A. Among

B. Good

C. Honest

D. Never

22. Which among the following is an adverb ? 

A. Great

B. Often

C. Some

D. Bad

23. Which among the following is not a collective noun ? 

A. Kindness

B. Police

C. Army

D. Crowd

24. Which among the following is a Abstract noun ? 

A. Woman

B. Tree

C. Nation

D. Hatred

25. Odd one out – Collective noun 

A. A herd of cows

B. A fleet of Birds

C. A choir of singers

D. A bowl of grapes

26. A ___________ of ants ? 

A. Swarm

B. Fleet

C. Choir

D. Herd

27. Which among the following sentences is a possessive pronoun ? 

A. My shirt is green

B. Her dog is small

C. Noisy bird is ours

D. My book is news

28. Which among the following sentence is an example of Intransitive Verbs ? 

A. I threw the ball

B. We beat them

C. I ran in the race

D. None of the above

29. Which among the following sentences has no error ? 

A. He has grey hairs

B. I cannot cope up with this pressure

C. What is the time in your watch ?

D. All the statements has error

30. ” Seems it was sent from me 

From someplace up above ” 

This lines belong to which poem ?

A. Your space

B. Sea lover

C. Courage

D. Special Hero

31. ” I felt the love and tenderness , 

Keeping me safe from harm ” 

The meaning of tenderness is ? 

A. Gentleness

B. Smooth

C. Silent

D. Protection

32. The poem ” Only A Dad ” is written by ? 

A. Christiana M Kerschen

B. Edgar Albert Guest

C. Anne Louisa Walker

D. Robert Frost

33. It was my second year at Boarding school and I was sitting on Platform 8 at Ambala station . 

Why he was sitting at platform 8 ? 

A. Waiting for his mother

B. Waiting for his friends to come

C. Waiting for train

D. None of the above

34. But I had lost interest in all that went on along the busy platform , and continued to stare across the railway tracks . 

Why the boy continued to stare across the railway tracks ? 

A. Be felt bored

B. He is little lonely

C. He had lost interest in viewing other things on platform

D. All the above are correct

35. I liked her for saying that and I also liked her for the simplicity of her dress and for her deep soft voice .

How the boy found her that she is simple ? 

A. She wore no jewels

B. She never talked to him

C. She came with her poor kid

D. None of the above

36. For her deep soft voice and the serenity of her face .

The meaning of serenity is ? 

A. Reference

B. Reverence

C. Slow and composed

D. Patience

37.And how long do you have to wait for your train ? 

About an hour , i think .

It comes at __________ ? 

Then come with me and have something to eat ? 

A. 11o clock

B. 11.30

C. 12o clock

D. 12.15

38. Hello Arun ‘! He called . 

The train’s coming in late as usual. Did you know we have a new __________ this year ? 

A. Match teacher

B. Tour program

C. Sports competition

D. Headmaster

39. Arun is best in which feild according to Satish ? 

A. Sports

B. Medicine

C. Environment

D. Ayurveda

40. Anything can happen to a boy at a bit station like this , there are so many suspicious characters hanging about . These days one has to be very careful of strangers .

Who said this line ? 

A. Satish

B. Satish Mother

C. Arun

D. Arun’s mother

41. Satish Mother don’t want arun and Satish to talk to ? 

A. Strangers

B. Girls

C. Poor people

D. Police men

42. Who advised Satish when Satish jumped on the footboard of a lighted compartment of train .

A. His mother

B. His aunty

C. Arun’s mother

D. Arun

43. At last what happened to the woman in the prose woman on platform 8 ? 

A. She went along with arun

B. She also went to her home in the same train

C. Went to her home once the train starts

D. None of the above

44. The first novel of Ruskin Bond is ? 

A. Room

B. Room on the roof

B. Roof beyond the room

D. Roof under the room

45. His first novel in which he won the John Rhys memorial award in the year ? 

A. 1957

B. 1960

C. 1962

D. 1964

46. Which among the following writings does not belong to Ruskin Bond ? 

A. An island of mountains

B. A bond with the mountains

C. The India i love

D. All the above are correct

47. Odd one out …

Match the incorrect option – Synonym 

A. Clutched – Grasped Tightly

B. Grinning – Smiling Broadly

C. Hustling – Push Roughly

D. Jolted – Stopped

48. ” Whatever you like to do , make it a hobby “

This quote is said by ? 

A. Warren Buffett

B. Nelson Mandela

C. Sundar Pichai

D. Mark Twain

49. ” Writing is easy.All you have to do is cross out the wrong words ” 

This quote is said by ? 

A. Mark Twain

B. Rober Frost

C. Ruskin bond

D. Shakespeare

50. Match the incorrect option – Synonyms 

A. Accomplished – Fulfilled

B. Exhibited – Reveal

C. Exhaust – Energised

D. Magnifying – Enhancing

51. Which among the following is wrong – Plural Word ? 

A. Men

B. Feet

C. Tooth

D. Geese

52. Which among the following is wrong – Singular word ? 

A. Geese

B. Hypothesis

C. Oasis

D. Crisis

53. Identify the correct plural form ? 

A. Passers – by

B. Sister in Law’s

C. Runner – Ups

D. Brother in Law’s

54. Identify the correct plural form ?

A. Bacterium

B. Medium

C. Curriculum

D. Syllabi

55. Identify the correct singular form ? 

A. Deer

B. Fish

C. Hair

D. All the above are singular

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