General English – Group 2 Exam Series 10 -Water – The Elixir of Life

Water – The Elixir of Life 

1. Water – The Elixir of Life prose is written by ?

A. C.V. Raman

B. Radhakrishnan

C. Abdul Kalam

D. Jawaharlal Nehru

2. I remember one day standing on the line which separates the __________ Desert from the Valley of the ___________ in Egypt. 

A. Libyan and Nile

B. Atacama and Victoria

C. Sahara and Nile

D. Sahara and Victoria

3. River Nile flows down to the ? 

A. Caspian Sea

B. Red Sea

C. Mediterranean sea

D. Adriatic Sea

4. __________, in fact, was made by its river. 

A. Libiya

B. Egypt

C. Tunisia

D. Africa

5. River Nile Starts from which highlands ? 

A. Kilimanjaro

B. Stanley

C. Mount Kenya

D. Abyssinia

6. Which adds the beauty of countryside ? 

A. Trees

B. Water

C. Road

D. Walls

7. The rainfed tanks are most common in ? 

A. South India

B. North India

C. North East India

D. North West Part of India

8. Which plays an important role in South Indian Agriculture ? 

A. Canals

B. Well

C. Bore Well

D. Tanks

9. One of the most remarkable facts about water is its power to carry ___________ or finely divided soil in suspension. 

A. Silt

B. Pebbles

C. Trees and plant remains

D. None of the above

10. What will happen when When silt-laden water mixes with the salt water of the sea ? 

A. Precipitation of suspended matter occurs

B. The water changes into salt water

C. All the salt deposited in ground

D. All the sediments deposited in the ground

11. Which type of soil erosion in which practising agriculture is impossible ? 

A. Ravines

B. Wind erosion

C. River erosion

D. Lake Erosion

12. Which among the following is an alarming one in many parts of India, calling urgently for attention and preventive action ? 

A. Flood

B. Drought

C. Desertification

D. Soil Erosion

13. Which among the following methods can be used to prevent Soil Erosion ? 

1. contour cultivation

2. Terracing of land

3. Construction of bunds

Answer the correct choice

A. 1 and 2 only

B. 2 and 3 only

C. 1 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

14. Which is called as basis of all Life ? 

A. Carbon

B. Oxygen

C. Water

D. Atmosphere

15. Most of the Indian agriculture depends upon ? 

A. Irrigation

B. Seasonal Rainfall

C. Well and Tank water

D. None of the above

16. In other words, on and in the soil, and such techniques therefore serve a double purpose. The double purpose mentioned here is ? 

A. Conserve water and preventing Soil Erosion

B. Afforestation and Preventing Soil Erosion

C. Preventing desertification and Preventing Soil Erosion

D. Afforestation and Conserve Water

17.How Incredibly large quantities of the precious fluid are thus lost to the country ? 

A. Runoff to sea

B. Evaporation

C. Waste water

D. Polluted

18. Vast areas of land which at present are mere __________ ? 

A. Waste Lands

B. Scrub

C. Fallow Lands

D. Deserted Lands

19. Closely connected with the conservation of water supplies is the problem of ______________ ? 

A. Deforestation

B. Afforestation

C. Soil Erosion

D. Water pollution

20. The author calls which among the following as urgent needs of India ? 

A. Water Conservation

B. Preventing Soil Erosion

C. Planting Trees

D. Preventing Deforestation

21. The Cheapest form of Transport system in the country is ? 

A. Airways

B. Roadways

C. Railways

D. Inland Waterways

22. The availability of ________________would make a tremendous difference to the life of the countryside and enable rural economy to be improved in various directions ? 

A. Power supply

B. Employment

C. Industries

D. Skill Development

23. Which is the most uncommon of liquids with amazing properties which are responsible for its unique power of maintaining animal and plant life ? 

A. Rainfall

B. Water

C. Ground water

D. Recycled water

24. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is between ? 

A. America and California

B. California and Mexico

C. Mexico and Hawaii

D. Hawaii and California

25. Approximately how much percentage for plastics originates from the land ? 

A. 100

B. 90

C. 95

D. 80

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