General English – Group 2 Exam Series 11 – Prose – Women On Platform 8

Women On Platform 8 

1. The prose Women on platform 8 is written by ? 

A. Kamala Surya

B. D.H Lawrence

C. Ruskin Bond

D. Wordsworth

2. The boy name in the story is ? 

A. Bharat

B. Nagarjun

C. Arun

D. Abilash

3. The age of the boy in the story is ? 

A. 10

B. 12

C. 14

D. 16

4. Which railway station he sat on ? 

A. Pune

B. Boravali

C. Ambala

D. Ratnagiri

5. What the boy used to do when he was waiting for the train ? 

A. Browsing at book stall

B. Viewing the nature of night

C. Dreaming

D. Silently watching human beings

6.The boy used to feed the broken biscuits to ? 

A. Cat

B. Small Poor Boy

C. Dog

D. Animals present in railway platform

7. Are you all alone, my son?’ asked a soft voice close behind me . Whose voice was heard ? 

A. His mother

B. His grandfather

C. A women

D. His teacher

8. The women was wearing a __________ colour saree ? 

A. Black

B. White

C. Red

D. Blue

9. ‘I have been watching you for some time,’ ‘Didn’t your parents come to see you off,’. Who was watching the boy for sometime ? 

A. Ticket checker

B. Railway Police

C. His friend

D. A Women

10. For how long the boy have to wait for the train ? 

A. Half an Hour

B. One hour

C. 2 hour

D. 1 and Half an hour

11. When will the train arrive according to the boy ? 

A. At 12 o clock

B . At 11 o clock

C. At 11.30 o clock

D. At 11.40 o clock

12. To whom the women told to look after his suitcase ?

A. Coolie

B. Railway police

C. To the boy

D. To her assistant

13. How the author explained about the women ? 

A. She was very young

B. She was very old in look

C. She must have crossed the age 50

D. She must have been over thirty

14. The women took the boy into which room ? 

A. Railway waiting room

B. Railway dining room

C. The shop near railway station

D. To the check room

15. What did the women ordered in dining room ? 

A. Tea

B. Rice

C. Night food

D. Fruits

16. What did the women preferred mostly ? 

A. To listen to the boy

B. To as questions to the boy

C. To be calm always

D. Not at all keen to hear what boy said

17. What were the things she did not ask the boy ? 

1. About the boy’s family

2. About where the boy stayed

3. About where he studied

Answer the correct choice

A. 1 and 2 only

B. 2 and 3 only

C. 1 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

18. For how long they were staying in the dining room of railway station ? 

A. One hour

B. Half an hour

C. 1 and half an hour

D. 2 hour

19. Satish, a boy of his age came their with his ? 

A. Father

B. Brother

C. Sister

D. Mother

20.This is Arun, mother. He is one of my friends, and the best ___________ in the class ? 

A. Batsman

B. Bowler

C. Carrom player

D. Badminton player

21. And I suppose you’re Arun’s mother?’ . Who asked this statement ? 

A. Satish

B. Satish Mother

C. Satish Sister

D. Satish Brother

22. What was the advice given by Satish Mother to the boy ? 

A. Don’t talk with strangers

B. Don’t stay too much time in railway station

C. Study well for the exam

D. Don’t be silent always

23. What did Satish Mother handed to Satish when the train starts ? 

A. Fruits

B. Chocolates

C. Biriyani

D. Both A and B

24. Ruskin Bond is a ? 

A. Story writer

B. Short story writer

C. Long story writer

D. Fictional Writer

25. Who was the the favourite writer of Indian children ? 

A. Radhakrishnan

B. Jawaharlal Nehru

C. Ruskin Bond

D. Kamala Surya

26. The first novel of Ruskin Bond was ? 

A. The blue Umbrella

B. Delhi is not far

C. The hidden pool

D. Room on the Roof

27. Ruskin Bond received John Rhys Memorial Award in the year ? 

A. 1947

B. 1957

C. 1967

D. 1977

28. He used to write about the hill folk of which state ? 

A. Uttarpradesh

B. Haryana

C. Uttrakhand

D. Jammu and Kashmir

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