General English – Group 2 Exam Series – Prose –The Little Hero of Holland 

Prose – 4 – The Little Hero of Holland 

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Prose – 4 – The Little Hero Of Holland

1. Holland is a country where much of 

the land ___________ 

A. Lies above the sea level

B. Lies Below the sea level

C. Lies in the mountains

D. Lies in the border of three countries

2. Great walls called dikes keep the which sea from rushing in and flooding the land. ?? 

A. Baltic sea

B. Adraitic Sea

C. North Sea

D. Agean sea

3. Even the little children know the dikes must be watched every moment, and that a hole no longer than your finger can be a very dangerous thing. 

The meaning of Dikes is ?.

A.An embankment for controlling or holding back the waters of the sea or a river .

B. An area connecting two seas

C. An area connecting two land and river s

D. None of the above

4. The name of the boy in the story is ? 

A. Albert

B. Varun

C. Edgar

D. Peter

5. Peter’s father was one of the men who tended the gates in the dikes, called sluices . The meaning of Sluices is ?

A. Sliding Gate

B. Big Gate

C. Small Gate

D. Well Designed Gate

6. He opened and closed the sluices so that ships could pass out of Holland’s canals into the great sea. ? 

Who is He ? 


B. Village officer

C. Peters Father

D. The village magistrate

7. One afternoon in the early fall, when Peter was _____________ years old, his ___________ called him from his play. 

A. 10, Brother

B. 6 , Father

C. 8,Mother

D. 10, Mother

8. Who is the blind man in this story ?

A. Peter’s Brother

B. Peter’s cousin

C. Peter’s friend

D. Peter’s Father

9. What Peter’s mother asked to give to the blind Man ? 

A. Food

B. Fruits

C. Cake

D. Materials to work

10. The mother asked the Peter to return to home Before ?.

A. Afternoon 2 o clock

B. Evening 6 o clock

C. Dark time

D. Mid night

11.These pretty fields would be covered with water. Father always calls them as __________ ? 

A. Happy Waters

B. Angry Waters

C. Mighty waters

D. Hard Waters

12. What will the little boy pick when he walk alone ?

A. Fruits

B. Grey Flowers

C. Blue flowers

D. Honey

13. If water ran through little hole in the dyke, What will happen ?

A. The whole city will be flooded

B. The whole country will be flooded

C. The whole village will be flooded

D. The whole town will be flooded

14. Who understood the danger after seeing a hole in the dyke ? 

A. Peter’s Father

B. Peter’s Mother

C. Peter

D. Peter’s Friend

15. What the mother thought when Peter not returned to home after evening ? 

A. He is staying in his friend house

B. He must be in danger

C. He will come late night

D. None of the above

16. How many brother and sister does the Peter have ? 

A. Two brother and a sister

B. One brother and one sister

C. Only one brother

D. Only one sister

17. The ________ and ________ looked down on the child crouching on a stone on the side of the dike. 

A. His brother and sister

B. Father and mother

C. Moon and Stars

D. His friend and neighbour

18. Early the next morning a man going to work thought he heard a groan as he walked along the top of the dike.

The meaning of Groan is ?

A. Make a deep inarticulate sound conveying pain

B. Silly sound

C. Horn Sound of the train

D. None of the above

19. Who is the Hero Of Holland ?

A.The blind man

B. Peter’s Father

C. Peter

D. Peter’s Friend

20. She was an American children’s author and editor, best known for her novel Hans Brinker. She was the recognized leader in juvenile literature for almost a third of the nineteenth century. Who is she ?.

A. Anne Louisa Walker

B. Kamala Harris

C. Mary Mapes Dodge

D. Stella Harris

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