General English – Group 2 Exam Series – Prose –The Nose Jewel  

Prose 13 – The Nose Jewel 

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Prose 13 – The Nose Jewel s(1)

1. The prose ” The Nose-Jewel ” is written by ?

A. Kamala Das

B. R.K. Narayan

C. C. Rajagopalachari

D. Ashwini Mohandas

2. Ramayya was a simple man living in the ? 

A. City

B. Town

C. Village

D. Slum

3. He lived with his wife in a nice house made of __________ roof ? 

A. Marble

C. Granite

C. Cement

D. Tiles

4.How many sparrows built a nest in a nice spot in the roof of Ramayya’s house ? 

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

5.”Why does the lady of this house always quarrel with her husband?”
The statement is asked by ? 

A. Ramayya

B. Ramayya’s wife

C. Male Sparrow

D. Female sparrow

6. “How am I to know?” said the _____________. “Let us mind our own business.” 

A. Male Sparrow

B. Female sparrow

C. Ramayya

D. Ramayya’s Wife

7. The female sparrow said with disdain, “Let me see what help you can do for him. .

The meaning of Disdain is ?

A. Happiness

B. Acceptance

C.Feeling of contempt

D. Negative appearance

8. Please do not talk about what does not concern us. See that the ___________ does not come near our nest. That would be enough for you and me.” 

A. Snake

B. Cat

C. Dog

D. Wild Cat

9. Somewhere in the muck-heap lay a diamond nose-jewel. 

The meaning of Muck – Heap is ? 

A. A pile of dung

B. Plastic waste

C. Muddy place

D. Varandha

10. Who picked the diamond up and came to the nest with the shining stud in his beak ? 

A. The Make sparrow

B. Female sparrow

C. Kid sparrow

D. None of the above

11. “What am I to do with diamond nose studs or with ear-rings? Find some grub. 

The meaning of Grub is ? 

A. Leaves

B. Food

C. Fruits

D. Flowers

12. Ramayya’s wife noticed the jewel as she was __________

A. Bathing

B. Cleaning the clothes

C. Sweeping the floor

D. Talking with her husband

13. Ramayya wanted to handle the diamond to the ? 

A. District collector

B. Village Officer

C. Tahsildar

D. Village Magistrate

14. The meaning of Disgrace is ? 

A. Loss of reputation

B. Lack of good appearance

C. Ashamed off

D. Disgusting

15. Who must have swept the diamond out carelessly ?

A. Kuppayi

B. Ramayya’s Wife

C. Meenakshi

D. Ramayya

16. Who is Kuppayi in this story ? 

A. The home cleaner

B. The watch maker

C. Servant

D. Meenakshi’s sister

17. Who would go into a rage if he knew that you had lost the diamond nose-stud. ?

A. Father

B. Mother

C. King

D. Ramayya

18. “What is the secret you are whispering?” asked by ? 

A. Meenakshi

B. Ramanatham

C. Ramayya

D. Women servant

19. Ramayya’s wife put the diamond stud away in her _________ ? 

A. Purse

B. Table

C. Box

D. Clothes

20 “It is all your doing you brought and threw it here and tempted her,” said the _________

A. Male bird

B. Female bird

C. Ramayya

D. Ramayya’s wife

21. Atlast what happened to Ramayya’s family ?

A. They are punished by police

B. The are punished by villagers

C. They lived in fear

D. None of the above

22. The main theme of the prose ” The nose Jewel ” is ?

A. Don’t be greedy

B. Dont steal others things

C. Live a simple life

D. Be an example of good human being

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