General English Question Series – 6th Book Term 1 Questions

6th Book Term 1 question series 

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6th Book Term 1 Questions

1. How many species of Marine or sea turtles in the world ? 

A. 5

B. 7

C. 8

D. 4

2.How Many species of sea turtles present in Indian Coastel Waters ? 

A. 5

B. 7

C. 8

D. 6

3. Mass nesting of Sea turtles on the sea shore is named as ? 

A. Arribada

B. Bird site of India

C. Rushikuliya

D. None of the above

4. Even the smallest species, the Olive Ridley, weighs up to ________ when fully grown ? 

A. 40kg

B. 35 kg

C. 30 kg

D. 45 kg

5. The largest of them all, the Leatherback, grows to a length of 2.2m and each could weigh as much as _____________ ? 

A. 400 kg

B. 500 kg

C. 600 kg

D. 700 kg

6. Between the months of ___________ and __________ , female Olive Ridleys come ashore at night to lay their eggs .

A. February and April

B. January and March

C. March and July

D. July and October

7. Once all the eggs are laid, the turtle fills in the cavity, then it camouflages the nest by tossing sand on it using its flippers. That done, it returns to the sea. 

The meaning of Camouflages is ? 

A.Hide or Disguise Something

B. Change in character

C. Change in their behaviour

D. Change is speed

8. The turtle has to haul itself laboriously onto the beach. 

The meaning of laboriously is ? 

A. With small effort

B. With great effort

C. With no effort at all

D. Hoping for the best

9. But, sadly, human activities during the last few decades have put them in grave danger.  

Here Decades means ? 

A. A period of one year

B. A period of Ten years

C. A Period of 100 years

D. A Period of 25 years

10. The prose Sea Turtles is written by ? 

A. Nagarajan

B.Shikar Dawan

C. Shekar Dattatri

D. Ambrose

11. Tiny hatchlings fall _________ (pray / prey) to many predators. Sea turtles live their _________ (hole / whole) life in the sea . 

A. Prey , hole

B. Pray , hole

C. Prey , whole

D. Pray, Whole

12. The abbreviation of SSTCN is ? 

A. The Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network

B. The Star Sea Turtle Conservation Network

C. The Students Sea Turtle Cultivation Network

D. The Star Sea Turtle Conservation Nature

13. When the turtle hatchlings emerge after _______ days , we release them safely into the sea .

A. 40

B. 50

C. 30

D. 45

14. Which among the following have vitamin C ?

A. Red Peppers

B. Paprika

C. Lemon

D. All the above

14. The value of one pound is ? 

A. 500g

B. 450g

C. 350g

D. 400g

15. The prose “when the trees Walked ” is written by ?

A. Nandini Mayar

B. Vijaya Ghose

C. Ruskin Bond

D. Shekar Dattatri

16. The prose ” Visiter From Distant Lands ” is written by ? 

A. Nandini Nayar

B. Raj Arumugam

C. Ruskin Bond

D. Vijaya Ghose

17. The prose ” Owlie ” is written by ? 

A. Raj Arumugam

B. Nandini Nayar

C. Vijaya Ghose

D. None of the above

18. People say curry comes from the ___________ word ” Kari ” ? 

A. Malayalam

B. Tamil

C. Kannada

D. Telugu

19.In ________ Columbus went west to find India and pepper but ran into America and the chilli .

A. 1498

B. 1490

C. 1499

D. 1492

20. Who in 1498 , went around Africa and reached Kozhikode ?

A. Columbus

B. Vasco da Gama

C. Francisco de Almeida

D. None of the above

21. Which spices is known as Crown Jewel of all spices ? 

A. Pepper

B. Black Pepper

C. Red Pepper

D. White pepper

22. Which type of pepper is also known as Black gold ? 

A.. Black pepper

B. Red pepper

C. Clove

D. White pepper

23. India have been using cinnamon for a long long time . The chinese wrote about it in __________ ? 

A. 3000 B.C

B. 2700 B.C

C. 3200 B.C

D. 3500 B. C

24. In the middle ages, who grew rich by taxing the cinnamon that was brought from India to Europe and the Mediterranean ? 

A. Italians

B. Canadians

C. Greeks

D. Venetian

25. ” And so I go to the shops 

Singing all the way ” 

This line belong to which poem ? 

A. I Dream of spices

B. The laughter

C. Cooking

D. Women Rights

26. Who bought Potato to India ? 

A. England

B. Spain

C. American

D. Portuguese

27. Chillies were very popular in which part of the country ? 

A. North America

B. Europe

C. South Africa

D. South America

28. Who brother chillies to India ? 

A. English

B. Danish

C. Portuguese

D. Spanish

29. In India chilli was first bought to which state ? 

A. Kerala

B. Goa

C. Karnataka

D. Mumbai

30. ” The banyan is the largest of trees , 

The peepal quivers in the breeze ” 

The meaning of quivers is ? 

A. Shakes Quickly

B. Arriving quickly

C. High speed

D. Fell down

31. ” The teak tree gives us useful wood, 

The mango gives us fruit that is good ” 

This line belongs to which poem ?

A. The apple tree

B. The Nature

C. Trees

D. The beauty of Life

32. I Promise that I will never cut the tree . You and your friends will have your tree and your playground .

Who said this lines ?.

A. The child

B. The Farmer

C. The young man

D. Neighbour

33. They gathered around the farmer and said ” please don’t cut the tree. We play just here like you did. These animals live here. 

In this line , who is represented as “they ” 

A. Farmers friends

B. Children

C. Neighbours

D. Village officers

34. Ruskin Bond was awarded the Padma Shri in _________ and Padma Bhushan in _______ ?.

A. 1999 and 2015

B. 1999 and 2014

C. 1998 and 2014

D. 1998 and 2015

35. As we sat there in the soft sunshine of a north Indian winter , I saw the _______ moving slowly towards Grandfather ?

A. Snake

B. Cat

C. Tendril

D. Ant

36. ___________ had served many years in the Indian Forest Service and it was natural that he should know trees and like them. On his retirement, he built a bungalow on the outskirts of Dehradun, planting trees all around.

A. Ruskin Bond

B. Father

C. Uncle

D. Grand Father

37. There were other trees in the compound before the house was built, including an old ________________ that had forced its way through the walls of an abandoned outhouse, knocking the bricks down with its vigorous growth. 

A. Peepul Tree

B. Banyan Tree

C. Mango Tree

D. None of the above

38.Grandfather helped her out with the gardening not because he was crazy about flower gardens but because he liked watching __________. 

A. Insects

B. Butterflies

C. Honey bees

D. Flies

39. ‘There’s only one way to attract butterflies,’ he said, ‘and that is to grow flowers for them.’ .

Who said this lines ? 

A. Grand Mother

B. Ruskin Bond

C. Grand Mother

D. Father

40. ” Woodman, spare that tree!

Touch not a single bough!

In youth it sheltered me,

And I’ll protect it now. ” 

This line belong to which poet ? 

A. Ruskin Bond

B. Kamala Harris

C.John Keats

D. George Morris

41. A small ____________ tree was growing on the island. ‘If a small tree can grow here.’ said Grandfather, ‘so can others . 

A. Grapes

B. Jack

C. Mango

D. Banyan

42. Then came the Second World War and I was sent away to a boarding school. During the holidays, I went to live with my father in Delhi. Meanwhile my grandparents sold the house and went to __________.  

A. England

B. America

C. Canada

D. Australia

43. It was February. As I looked across the dry water-course, my eye was immediately caught by the spectacular red blooms of the _______________ blossom. 

A. Daffodils

B. Mango

C. Coral

D. Rose

44.When I went up to the trees, I noticed that some squirrels were living in them and a koel, a crow pheasant, challenged me with a mellow ‘who-are-you, who-are-you. who is I here ? 

A. Ruskin Bond

B. Grand Mother

C. Father

D. Grand Father

45. The character Payal is related to which story ? 

A. The trees the never grow

B. The farmer

C. Owlie

D. Quick learning

46. The predators follow the ___________ of the turtles to eat their eggs . 

A. Sent

B. Seaunt

C. Sant

D. Scent

47. Which among the following is incorrect about turtle ? 

A. They eat grass, weeds and flowers

B. They use flippers to swim

C. It is a sea animal

D. It belong to Reptile family

48. Alice in Wonderland is a famous book of ? 

A. John Keats

B. Ruskin Bond

C. Lewis Carroll

D. Annie Louise Walker

49. ____________________ is one of the largest reptile zoos in the world which serve as a secure nesting beach for Olive Ridley Turtles . 

A. Tamilnadu crocodile bank

B. Chennai crocodile bank

C. Tamil Crocodile bank

D. Madras Crocodile bank

50. ” How cheerful he seems to grin, 

How neatly spreads his claws ” 

In this line “he ” refers ” to ? 

A. The animal

B. Turtle

C. Crocodile

D. Elephant

51. Doth is an expression of old English for ___________ ? 

A. Don’t

B. Do

C. Doesn’t

D. Does

52. Albatross, penguin, pelican, fish hawk are ___________ ? 

A. Sea plants

B. Sea Birds

C. Sea games

D. None of the above

53. kite surfing, scuba diving, parasailing are ___________ ? 

A. Lang games

B. Sea games

C. Air Games

D. None of the above

54. Tamilnadu has nearly _____________ of the total flora of India – Probably has the Highest diversity in India. 

A. 2/3rd

B. 1/3rd

C. 3/4th

D. 1/2nd

55. Choose the wrong pair 

A. Sun – Shine

B. Water – Fall

C. Foot – Hill

D. All are correct

56. Choose the wrong pair 

A. Aerial – Root

B. Out – Rill

C. River – Bed

D. All are correct

57. Choose the wrong word 

A. Lonely

B. Vigorously

C. Unlikely

D. Blossmely

58. Which among the following sentence is wrong ? 

A. The truck went over a stone

B. Nandhu Pressed a button

C. Nandhu Wanted to play with the lamp

D. The box fell out of a truck

59. Which among the following sentences is wrong ? 

A. What a beautiful flower ?

B. Can you play Football ?

C. Where did you go yesterday ?

D. Can us go for a walk ?

60. Creeper : Dry  

Tree : ??? 

A. Leaf

B. Bough

C. Flower

D. Fruit

61. River ; flow 

Mountain : ??

A. Beautiful

B. High

C. Moving

D. Still

62. Mango : Sweet 

Lime : ?? 

A. Bitter

B. Sour

C. Juice

D. Salty

63. Bark : Timber 

Flower : ?? 

A. Branch

B. Plant

C. Fruit

D. Stem

64 . Which among the following is wrong ? 

A. User

B. Buyer

C. Sailer

D. Operator

65. Which among the following word is wrong ? 

A. Bakor

B. Writer

C. Governor

D. Actor

66. ” Mother twists my ears ” 

The figure of speech used in this line is ?

A. Allusion

B. Personification

C. Alliteration

D. None of the above


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