Godavari River System And Its Tributaries!! Explained !!

Godavari River Source :

Godavari river rises from Trimbakeshwar in the Nasik District of Maharashtra at an elevation of 1,067m.

Godavari River Mouth :

Godavari ends at Bay Of Bengal in East Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh.

Godavari River Basin :

# Total Length of Godavari river is 1,465 km.

# It drains over Six States namely Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh,Chhattisgarh,Odisha and Karnataka.

# Godavari is the second largest river in India after Ganga and Largest river in Peninsular India.

# Godavari River is named as Dakshina Ganga ie Ganges of the south.

# Total drianage area of Godavari river is 312,813 Sq.km.

Maharastra : 152,199 Sq.km

Andhra Pradesh : 73,201 Sq.km

Madhya Pradesh : 31,821 Sq.km

Chhattishgarh : 33,434 Sq.km

Odisha : 17,752 Sq.km

Karnataka : 4,406 Sq.km

Topography Of river Godavari :

# Godavari basin is bounded on the North by Satmala Hills.

# Ajantha Range and Mahadeo Hills bound the Godavari River on South.

# Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats bound the Godavari River on the West and East Respectively.

# Upper reached of Godavari River composed  of Deccan Traps ,Middle Godavari River composed of Granite and Quartzites rocks.

# Lower part of the Godavari River Cuddapha,Vindhyan and Gondwana rocks.

# During  January and February months  Godavari River become dry due to less Rainfall, and Maximum rainfall occurs between June and September.

Source : Water resources information system of India

Tributaries of Godavari River :

Right Bank Tributaries :

1.Dharna river

2.Pravara river

3.Sindphana river

4.Manjra river

5.Peddavagu river

6.Maner river

Left Bank Tributaries :





Godavari River Flow Explanation : 

# Dharna river joins the Godavari River at its upper reach on the right bank

# Below Dharna river, a small stream Kadan joins Godavari River on the left bank.

# Combined river of Pravara and Mula joins the Godavari River at Pachegaon.

# From the right , stream named Sindphana joins Godavari River at Parbhani District.

# A little below the Sindphana River,a combined river of Purna and Dudhana joins Godavari River at Parbhani District.

# A Long river Manjra joins the Godavari River at Kandhakurthi in Telengana State.

# Down to Manjra,a small stream Peddavagu joins Gadavari at Telengana State.

# From the Left bank,river Pranhita ,conveying the combined rivers of Penganga ,Wainganga and Wardha drains the areas of Nagpur and joins the Godavari River at Kaleshwaram in Telengana State.

# A small stream called maner joins Godavari River just below Pranhita river .

# At the lower reaches of Godavari River ,Indravathi and Sabari forms left bank tributaries.

# Pranhita is the largest tributary of Godavari River,its drainage area is about 34.87 %.

Tributaries Explanations :

Right Bank Tributaries :

1.Dharna River :

# Rises from Kulang hill (North of Kalsubai Range ) in Nasik District,Maharashtra.

# It forms a Lake called Lake Beale.

2.Pravara River :

# Rises in Western Ghats ,joins with Godavari River near Ahmednagar,Nasik District.

# Wilson Dam or Bhandardara Dam is built on Pravara river.

# Mula is the important tributary of Pravara river.

3.Sindphana River :

#Originates from Chincholi hill,Beed District (Marathwada Region),Maharashtra.

# It joins Godavari River  at Prabhani district.

#Sindphana Dam and Majalgaon Dam are built on Sindphana river.

4.Manjra River :

# Manjra river originates in the Balaghat range near Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra .

#It joins with Godavari River at Basara in Telengana State.

# Manjra river flows through Latur District of Maharashtra.

#Nizam Sagar Dam is built on Manjra river in Telengana State.

# Singur Reservoir built on Manjra river in Medak District provides major drinking water to Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

# Manjra Wild Life Sanctuary is located on the banks of Manjra river in Medak District,

5.Maner River :

# It Flows in Telengana State and Provide drinking water to Karimnagar,Telengana.

 Left Bank Tributaries :

1.Purna River :

# It originates from Ajantha Range near Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary in Aurangabad,Maharashtra.

# It joins Godavari River  at Prabhani District.

# Yeldari Dam is built on Purna river.

2.Pranhita River :

# It is combined river system consists of Penganga river,Wardha river and Wainganga river.

#It spread over Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra and AndraPradesh.

# It flows through Satpura region and drains its water to Vidarbha region.

# It joins Godavari River  at Kaleshwaram in Telengana.

3.Indravati River :

# It rises from Dandakaranya Range near Kalahandi in Odisha State.

# It joins Godavari River  at Gadchiroli District ,Maharashtra.

# It spread over Odisha,Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

# Indiravati Dam at Kalahandi (Odisha) is bulit on Indiravati river.

# Chitrakote waterfalls is located on the Indiravati river at Jagdalpur in Bastar District,Chhattisgarh.

4.Sabari River :

# Originates in Sinkaram hill ranges at the western slope of Eastern Ghats in Odisha.

# It joins with Godavari River  in Kunavaram,Andhra Pradesh.

# It spread over Odisha and Chattishgarh.






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