Group 2 Mains : Frequently Asked Questions : Part 1 

Group 2 Mains : FAQ’s : Part 1 

1. Ques : Is group 2 Mains Exam an Easy one ?

Ans : Yes , Easy Compared To Prelims


2. Ques : Is Handwriting an important thing for group 2 Mains ?

Ans : Yes, Presentation and Handwriting gives easy way of understanding your answer .


3. Ques : How To Start Group 2 Mains Preperation ?

Ans : Step 1 : You Need To Take The Print Out Copy Of Mains Syllabus and Read It once .

Step 2 : Understand about the syllabus

Step 3 : Search the same topics from the books you have ( especially samacheer books )

Step 4 : Study Thoroughly , which ever the topics present in samacheer book .

Step 5 : If the topics are not present in relavant books, search Google and take a note of if

Step 6 : Study the important current affairs in relavant to the syllabus given.

Step 7 : Revise , Revise ,Revise

Step 8 : Write , Write Write

Step 9 : You Will Get Your Feedbacks

Step 10 : Improve , Improve and Improve and Thats the way to approach the exam .


4. Ques : While writing model exams, i failed to remember all the things i studied . What can I do ?

Ans : It means that u never mucked up the things . For mains u need to muck up the things what ever you study based on the marks (6 marks , 12 marks and 15 Marks ) .

For Example : if the question is about ISRO’s LVM3 mission and you don’t remember or you have confusion about the mission means —– > You didn’t study it perfectly.

You must be pinpointed with your answers.


5. Ques : Why do I need to muck up the answers ?

Ans : You have limited amount of time to write all the answers ( ie 3 hours ) .

So, if u take too much of time to write an answer , it will affect the other questions and also it will affect your handwriting later on ( i mean, you will try to speed up your writing once u came to know that you have small amount of time to write lot of questions )


6. Ques : How to study the current affairs for group 2 Mains ?

Ans : – It must be syllabus oriented

– You need to focus of important things like government schemes , Space , social issues , technologies, government Projects etc .

– if u read daily newspaper , it will be easy for you.

– Daily and Weekly revise the current affairs session .


7. Ques : Which language i need to prefer to write mains ? Tamil OR English ?

Ans : 1. You must be enough confident about choosing your language .

2. Language itself should not give you fear

3. If u can write English in a simple way and without any spelling mistakes you can choose English else you can choose Tamil.

4. Language should not become a barrier in clearing mains.


8. Ques : Do i need to worry about grammar mistakes in English ?

Ans : No. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes . But maximum try to avoid simple grammar mistakes .

Spelling mistakes must be avoided .


9. Ques : What is the easiest way to study and write the exam ?

Ans : As simple as it is .

1. Understand the topics

2. Study it in a simplified manner

3. Write in simple sentences

4. Focus on key points

5. Don’t complicate yourself


10. Ques : What mistakes most of the people do while writing mains ?

Ans : 1. Initially while you start writing , students will waste a lot of time and once u pick your speed , the time ends ( 3 Hours ) – So, Focus on finishing all the questions asked.

2. Over writting of answers – Your answers must be within the given limit of words

3. Not following Tnpsc Rules – You must follow all the rules given by Tnpsc especially in the answer paper.

4. Got stuck on the question in which you forget the answer – Don’t get stuck on with a single question. Move ahead and Keep on writing .

5. Some students give more focus on handwriting and presentation – Don’t give more focus of Handwriting and for presentation. Both only will value add your answers. But it will consume lot of time. So slight Impotance to handwriting and slight Impotance to presentation and give importance to writing key words .

6. Not writing the answers with respect to question asked – You must write the answer inrelavant to the question asked .

For example : If the question is Analyse about unemployment conditions in India ?

You should not write the definition of unemployment and other stuffy.

From the first point itself, the answer must be relavant to the question.


11. Ques : It’s my first attempt to mains , Am worrying a lot . What should I do ?

Ans : Worrying about mains is not a solution.

I can say that everyone worries about mains. But how do u tackle it and How do u prepare efficiently gives you enough confidence to write the mains . So, focus on what you have . Don’t focus on what you don’t have.


12. Ques : I shiver while writing and i sweat also ? What should I do ?

Ans : You need to handle it your own ways to overcome from those. You need to write model exams and Take steps to overcome from those. For these purposes , you need to write lot of exams.


13. Ques : How i need to be motivated to clear the exam ?

Ans : Their is no need to be motivated always . You do what you needed to do and the result will be yours. If you don’t do what u needed to do in this time , even with motivation you will fail to clear.

So Motto is : Do what you needed to do


14. Ques : How do I study for science subject ?

Ans: Yes , Science is a vast subject in mains.

But They have given the topics . So Mark all the topics in the samacheer books and learn one by one .

Study based on the marks .

For example : if u study big bang theory , assume that it is asked to 15 mark. So now u will study the diagram and and you will try to study 10 to 15 points.

This is the way you must prepare while studying science.

While studying a topic , always think that if they ask same question for 15 mark how you can write it down.

So now your focus will be on how to write and how to muck up the important things.

This will be an easy method to study the science subject .


15. Ques : Can I omit science subject ?

Ans : My answer is No . If u want to win this mains exam , you must study whatever given in the syllabus. You do have all the time in the world from now on. Focus on what u can do from now on. If u omit any subject in mains, sometimes that itself enough for your failure.

So, understand your weakness and overcome from that. Competitive exam is all about overcoming your weakness.











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