Group 2 Mains Model Exam – 1

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Group 2 Model Question – 1

Administration of Union and States (Part II )


Unit 1 

       Answer Not Exceeding 50 Words Each 

             Each Question Carries 6 marks 

            Answer any 15 questions out of 18                  questions in both Section A and B 

Section A : 

1. What do u mean by Disaster ? What are the different types of Disaster ?

2. How e governance system helped in Agriculture system in Tamilnadu ?

3 What are the possible reasons for Government Debt of Tamilnadu ?

4.Write in Detail about Rajmannar Commission ?

5. Explain about Manufacturing sector in Tamilnadu ?

6.Analyse the reason behind the increase in cyclone Intensity in Arabian Sea ?

7. Explain about MNREGA Scheme ?

8.What is Anti Defection Law ? Explain About it ?

9. What is the purpose of Reservation ? Explain about 103 Constitution Amendment Act ?


Section B : 


1.”Justice delayed is justice denied.” – Explain ?

2. Write about the Pros and Cons of Illam Thedi Kalvi Scheme ?

3. What is Welfare State ? How Indian constitution promote Welfare State ?

4. Explain the role of State Finance Commissions ?

5. Explain about Article 142 of Indian constitution ?

6. Write down the uses of Common Service Centres ?

7. What is the role of Pressure Groups in Indian Political System ?

8. Write down the Functions of ELCOT ?

9. What are the powes of Legislative councils in State in comparison to the legislative assemblies ?


Unit 2 

Answer Not Exceeding 150 word Each 

Each question Carried 12 Marks 

Answer any 10 questions Out of 12 questions


1. Explain in detail about Agriculture Budget of Tamilnadu ?

2. Explain about the Judicial powers of Governors ?

3.Write in Detail about the History of public service commission in India

4. Critically Analysis about the Inter Linking of rivers in India ?

5.What is Money bill ? Explain about the steps followed in presenting a money bill in state legislature ?

6. Explain the role of Collector in Development of a District ?

7. Explain the Role and Functions of Cheif Secratary Of State ?

8. What are steps taken by Government of Tamilnadu to improve the employment in the state ?

9. Depletion of Ground water is a major concern in India . Write down the solution for it and also Write down the steps taken by government to tackle the same issue ?

10. Explain about the role of speaker in State legislative Assemblies ?

11. What are the problems faced in electricity sector in India ?

12. What are advantages of Investing in Tamilnadu ? Explain about Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet ?


Unit 3 

Answer Not Exceeding 250 Words 

Each Question Carries 15 Marks 

Answer any Six out of Eight Questions 


1. Write in detail about Tamilnadu State New Policy For Women 2021 ?

2. Explain how Industrial Policy of Tamilnadu helps in the Development of Tamilnadu ?

3. Explain in detail about Child Labour Legislation in India ?

4. What is desertification ? What are the steps taken by government to tackle desertification in India ?

5. What are the schemes initiated by Government of Tamilnadu to boost agriculture sector in Tamilnadu ?

6. Critically Analyse the role of Media in Indian Democracy ?

7. What is Block Chain Technology ? Explain the steps taken by Tamilnadu government to implement Block Chain Technology ? What are the advantages of it ?

8. Why Indian Regional Navigation Satellite system is needed ? What are the advantages of it ?



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