HOPE SPOTES —All About Hope Spot – Explained !!

# Hope Spot are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean.

# Dr.Sylvia Earle introduced the concept of Hope Spot because very less number ie only 6% of ocean is protected while comparing with the land which is 12% protected.

# Hope spot allow us to  plan for future and look beyond current Marine Protected Areas .Current Marine Protected Areas are like National park in land which restrict exploitative use of fishing and deep sea mining.

# Hope spot are the areas that need new protection but they can also be existing Marine Protected Areas where more action is needed.

# Hope spot can be large,can be small but they all give HOPE due to some factors like 

1.Diversity of species.

2.Rare ,threatened and endemic species

3.A site which have potential to reverse the damage caused by humans.

4.The presence of natural process like migration,spawning etc.

5.Significant cultural,historical or spiritual values.

6. Economic importance to community.

Who Can Nominate a Hope Spot ???

# Anyone can nominate a spot that is special to him or her ,a site that gives a HOPE.The main objective is all the hope spot collectively will create a global wave of community support for ocean conservation that leaders and policy makes cant ignore.

Some of the examples of Hope Spot are

1.Coral Triangle Hope Spots in Indo Pacific

2.Sargasso Sea Hope Spotes in Atlantic Ocean

3.Abrolhos region in Atlantic

4.Malpelo Island etc


#Hope Spot  Network is a joint initiative of  Mission Blue and International Union Of Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Mission Blue :

Mission Blue is a global coalition to create public awareness ,to access,and support for a world wide network of Marine Protected Areas ie Hope Spots .The Aim of mission blue to create  Hope Spots  to increase the protection of ocean ecology.Mission Blue organisation is led by oceanographer Dr.Sylvia Earle.

Hope Spot Sites from India :


2.Andaman Nicobar Islands


# According to UN estimtes 60% of the world’s marine ecosystems have been degraded or under degradation because of unsustainable use

# Ever since fishing gave away to factory trawlers, we extracted almost 90% of the fishing content from ocean

# This along with frequent dumbing of trash and sewage has permeated deep into ocean and become threat to marine ecosystem


#One of the  Sustainable development goals(2015-2030) is  LIFE BELOW WATER

– sustainable use of ocean water and seas


“HOPE SPOTS are large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet ” (Dr.Sylva Earle – Proponent of ocean conservation).

Humans don’t have to do anything to bring back ocean to health.

All we need is to stop taking so much out and putting so much into it.


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