International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)- All About IRENA -Explained

About IRENA :

International Renewable Energy Agency is an Intergovernmental organisation that supports countries that are in transition (developing and developed countries) to transform them  to a sustainable energy future.

# IRENA supports widespread adoption of all forms of renewable energy like geothermal energy,hydro,tidal ,solar etc.

# It provides knowledge sharing and also technology sharing and advice all governments to adopt policies for renewable energy investment.

# IRENA also provides practical tools ,policy advice to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in countries which are in transition.

# The organisation serves as the principle platform for International cooperation, a center of excellence and a repository of policy ,technology,resource,financial knowledge on renewable energy.

#More than 170 members actively engage with IRENA and it promotes renewable resource and technology as the key to a sustainable future and helps countries to achieve their renewable energy potential.

# The Headquarter of International Renewable Energy Agency is in Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates.

# India is a member of IRENA .

History Of IRENA: 

#The initial proposal for IRENA was made in 1981 at the United Nations conference in new and renewable source of energy held in Nairobi,Kenya.

# The Bonn’s conference made a resolution for the establishment of IRENA which is supported by International Parliamentary Forum.

# IRENA’s first preparatory conference held in Berlin,2008 and founding conference held in Berlin,2008 and founding conference held in Bonn 2009. IRENA is officially founded in Bonn,Germany 2009.

Questions : 

which among the following is correct about IRENA ?

1.IRENA is a non governmental organisation works for the development of renewable energy .

2.IRENA provide fund to the developing and least developed countries for renewable energy projects.

3.India is currently a member of IRENA.

Answers :

A: 1 and 3 are  correct

B:2 and 3 are correct

C: 1 and 2 are correct 

D: All are correct.



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