Jayalalithaa’s Amma Unavagam Canteen -Scheme 23

  • In 2013, the Tamil Nadu government has started a canteen service under the supervision of the chief minister Smt. J. Jayalalitha.
  •  Amma Unavagam, the mother (amma) canteen service is basically a chain of restaurants for the under privileged people of the society.
  •  In this scheme people who are economically unstable are able to purchase food in much cheaper rates than market price.


  • The subsidised food service was launched to help the poor people who are unable to purchase food from the market due to high price.
  • The service was mainly started so that no one in the state of TN is left starved.
  • These restaurants are clean and hygienic. The aim is not only to provide subsidised food but also to maintain clean and hygienic environment so that the people will get fresh and healthy food.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for the women group in the state to grab jobs in these restaurants.
  • Generally the service hires women cook for these food chains. More the outlets, more the job opportunity for the women group of the society.

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