Krishna River System And Its Tributaries !! Explained !!

Krishna River Source :

# Krishna river originates in Mahabaleshwar,near Jor village of Satara District of Maharashtra at an altitude of 1,337m in Western Ghats.

Krishna River Mouth :

# Krishna river ends at Bay Of Bengal in Hamsaladeevi of Krishna District ,Andhra Pradesh .

Krishna River Basin :

#The total length of Krishna river is 1400m.

# It drains over three states namely Maharashtra,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

#Total area it drains in is 258,948

 Karnataka : 113,271

 Maharashtra : 69,425

 Andhra Pradesh : 76,252

# 75.86% of the river basin is covered with Agriculture land.

# NorthEast of the river basin is dominated by Deccan Traps.

# Central Part of Krishna Basin is of Crystalline Rocks.

#Eastern side of river basin is dominated by Cuddapah Group.

Source : Water resources information system of India


Tributaries of Krishna River :

Right Tributaries :

1.Ghatprabha River

2.Malprabha River

3.Tungabhadra River

4.Koyna River

5.Warna River

6.Panchganga River

7.Venganga River

Left Tributaries :

1.Bhima  River

2.Musi River

3.Munneru River

4.Halia River

5.Paleru River

6.Don River

Tributaries Explanations :

Right Tributaries :

1.GhatPrabha River

#Ghatprabha river rises near Chaukal of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra in Western                          Ghats.

# It joins Krishna river in Almatti ,Karnataka .

#Gokak Falls (Belaghavi Distri

ct,Karnataka)  is on River Ghatprabha.

2.Malaprabha River :

#It originates in Western Ghats at Kanakumbi Village in Belgaum District ,Karnataka.

#It Joins Krishna at Kudalasangama in Bagalkot District,Karnataka.

#Navilatirtha Dam is built on Malaprabha river.

#Renukasagar is also on the River Malaprabha.

#Pattadakal and Aihole inscription are located on the banks of river Malaprabha.

3.Tungabhadra River:

# Tungabhadra river is formed by joining of two rivers,Tunga from left and Bhadra from                             right. 

# The two rivers originate in Chikmangalur District of Karnataka.

#The ancient name of the river was Pampa.

#  Tungabhadra Dam is constructed across the river.

# Hampi is located on the banks of river tungabhadra .

5.Koyna River :

# It rises near Mahableshwar in the Western Ghats.

# unlike other rivers flow,Koyna river flows in North-South Direction.

#Koyna river meets Krishna river at Karad in Maharashtra.

# Shivasagar lake (Maharashtra) is formed by Koyna river.

# Koyna Dam(Maharashtra) is built on Koyna river.

#Koyna wild Life Sanctuary in Satara District in Maharashtra is located on Koyna river.

6.Pachganga River :

#It rises from Prayag Sangam in Kolhapur District ,Maharashtra.

# It joins with Krishna river in Narsobawadi,Maharashtra.

#Panchganga means “Five Rivers”.

# Panchganga is formed by four streams namely Kasari,Kumbhi,Tulsi and Bhogawati.

Left Tributaries :

1 . Bhima River :

# The largest tributary of Krishna river .

# It rises in Bhimashankar hills in Pune District ,Maharashtra.

# It flows through Maharashtra ,Karnataka and joins with Krishna 

# Dams built in Bhima river are Chas Kamam Dam in Pune District,Ujjani Dam in Solapur                          District.

# Bhima river is seperated from Godavari Basin by Harishchandra and Balaghat Ranges.

#Bhimashankar Wild Life Sanctuary is located on the banks of Bhima river.

2.Musi River :

# Musi river originates in Anantagiri hills near Vikrabad in Telengana .

# It joins with Krishna river at Vadapally in Nalgonda District of Telengana.

# Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar are two dams built on Musi river.

# Hyderabad is located on the banks of river Musi.

3.Munneru River :

#It originates at the Warangal District of Telengana.

# It then joins with Krishna at Eturu Village in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

4 Paleru River :

# Paleru river joins Krishna river at Krishna District .

Major Dams In Krishna River :

1.Almatti Dam – Krishna river

2.Ankamanhal Dam – Krishna-Tungabhadra river

3.Chaskaman Dam – Bhima river

4.Dasanahalli Dam-Krishna- Tungabhadra river

5.Dhom Dam – Krishna river

6.Hidkal Dam – Ghatprabha river

7.Hivare Dam- Wanganga

8.Indirammasagar Dam- Musi river

9.Anajpur Dam – Musi river

10.Koil Sagar Dam -Peddavagu river

11.Kottur Dam-Krishna-Tungabhadra river

12.Nagarjunasagar Dam – Krishna river

13.Narayanapura Dam – Krishna river

14.Osman Sagar Dam – Musi river

15.Pedda cheru ,Indurthy Dam- Krishna river

16.Jurala Dam -Krishna river

17.Sangambanda Dam – Krishna river

18.Sankarasamudran Dam – Krishna river

19.Srisailam Dam – Krishna river

20.Suryanarayanacheru Dam – Musi river

21.Talsangi Dam -Bhavani river

22.Ujjani Dam -Bhima river

23.Wyra Dam -Munneru river

24. Yellur Dam – Krishna river







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