Pennar River System

Pennar River

It lies over the state Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

The basin is fan shaped.

The river  basin is bounded by

  1. the Erramala range on the north,
  2. the Nallamala and Velikonda ranges of the Eastern Ghats on the east,
  3. the Nandidurg hills on the south and
  4. the narrow ridge separating it from the Vedavati valley of the Krishna Basin on the west.
  5. The other hill ranges in the basin to the south of the river are the Seshachalam and Paliconda ranges.

Source of the river

The Pennar rises in the Chenna Kasava hill of the Nandidurg range, in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka and flows towards east eventually draining into the Bay of Bengal.

Fig : Pennar River Map Source WRIS 


Left Tributaries

  1. The Jayamangali
  2. The Kunderu
  3. The Sagileru

Right Tributaries

  1. The Chiravati,
  2. The Papagni
  3. The Cheyyeru .

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