Press Council Of India(PCI)


# Press Council of India was formed in 1966 by the parliament on the recommendation of the first press commission with the objective of preserving freedom of press and improving standards of press in India.

#Press council functions under the Press Councils Act ,1978.

#It is a statutory,quasi judicial body working as a watch dog for press.

# It adjudicates the complaints for violation of ethics and violation of freedom of press etc.

Press Council Organisation 

# Press Council is headed by chairman,who has by convention ,been a retired judge of Supreme court of India.

# The council consists of 28 members ,of whom 20 represent press and are nominated by press organisation form newspapers,editors ,owners of newspapers etc.

# Five members are nominated from the Houses of Parliament

#The members represent cultural,literary and legal fields as nominees of the Sahitya Academy,University Grants Commission and Bar Council Of India.

# Term for the members is 3 years.

# A retiring member shall be eligible for renomination for not more than one term.

Fact : First Chairperson was Mr Justice J R Mudholkar

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