Sabarmati River System

Sabarmati River

Fig : Sabarmati River at Gandhinagar ,Gujarat 


  • It is one of the west flowing rivers along with Narmada and Tapti.
  • It Originates from Aravalli hills near Tepur village in Udaipur Dist of state Rajasthan.
  • It flows through South West direction.

Mouth of the river :

Gulf of Cambey ( Khambhat)

Fact :

Ahmedabad city is located along the bank of this river.

Fig :Sabarmati River at Ahmadabad 


Right Tributaries :

  1. Sei
  2. Siri
  3. Dhamni

Left Tributaries

  1. Wakal
  2. Harnav
  3. Hathmati
  4. Khari
  5. Watrak

River Basin.


Fig : Sabarmati Basin ; Source : WRIS 

The river runs through two states  Rajasthan and Gujarat .

The basin is bounded by

1.Aravalli hills on the north and North East

2.Rann of Kutch on the west

3.Gulf of Khambhat on the south.

4.The river basin is roughly triangular in shape.

  • Most of its tributaries rises from Aravalli hills and joins with Sabarmati river at different points .
  • Harnav river rises at Kulalia hills in the state of Rajasthan.
  • Watrak River rises at Panchara hills in the state of Rajasthan.

Dams On Sabarmati river

Dharoi Dam is located on the Main Sabarmati River .

Other Dams

  1. Hathmati Dam
  2. Harnav Dam
  3. Guhai Dam
  4. Meshvo Reservoir
  5. Mazam Dam
  6. Watrak Dam




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