Subernarekha River System

Subernarekha River


  • The Subernarekha basin lies in the States of Jharkhand, Odisha and comparatively smaller part in West Bengal

Boundary of River

Situated in the north-east corner of the Peninsular India, the basin is bounded by the

  1. Chhotanagpur plateau on the north and the west,
  2. ridges separating it from Baitarani basin on the south,
  3. the Bay of Bengal on the south-east
  4.  the Kasai Valley of Kangsabati River on the east.

The Subernarekha and the Burhabalang forms the major river systems in the basin.

Fig : Subernarekha River Map Source WRIS 

Source of the river

The Subernarekha River rises near Nagri village in the Ranchi District of Jharkhand .


Its principal tributaries joining from right are the Kanchi, the Karkari and the Kharkai.





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