• As per the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court of India, Transgenders should be treated as Third Gender.
  • The Third Genders face familial rejection, social discrimination and marginalization from the mainstream society. T
  • hey go through various harassments, deprivations and other forms of discriminations. They are even forced out from the schools on transformation as third gender.
  • There is no job security and employment opportunity due to age old discrimination against them. Prevailing situations compel them to leave their families, discontinue their education and lead an almost nomadic life.
  • The Third Genders who leave their families mostly do not possess with them any documents like birth certificate, educational certificate, community certificate and other essential identity cards like ration cards, Voter Identity Card etc.
  • Considering the problems faced by the Third Genders and to redress their grievances through welfare measures, the Government has constituted a Welfare Board for Third Genders. The foremost difficulty faced by the Third Genders is to earn their livelihood through a decent and respectable profession.
  • To empower the Third Genders economically, bank loans upto `15.00 lakh with 25% subsidy are provided to the Third Genders Self Help Groups to take up income generating activities.
  • Various economic activities like provision stores, rearing of milch animals, canteens, production units of soap, napkin, milk products, plying passenger autos, load autos and business activities related to cloth, coir, rice etc., have been taken up by Third Gender Self Help Groups. 51 Third Gender Self Help Groups, with 442 Third Gender members have been provided assistance for various projects with 25% subsidy and 75% as bank loan.

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