Vaigai River System

Vaigai River

  • The Vaigai basin lies entirely in the state of Tamilnadu .

This basin is bounded by

  1. the Varushanadu hills, the Andipatti hills, the Cardaman hills and the Palani hills on the West
  2. by the Palk strait and Palk Bay on the East.

Source of the river

  • The Vaigai river rises on the Eastern slopes of the Varushanadu hills  near Kottaimalai in the Madurai district
  • It  flows in the Northerly and North-Easterly directions up to its confluence with the Varahanadhi and then takes a turn towards the East and South-East to flow through Madurai, Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram districts.

River Mouth

  • The river Vaigai discharges into Ramnad big tank and some other tanks.
  • The surplus water from the tanks finally discharges into the Palk Bay near Mandapam.

Vaigai River Tributaries

  • On its way, the Vaigai receives two important tributaries namely, the Suruliyar and the Manjalar on its left bank.
  • The Suruliyar, the principal tributary of the Vaigai also rises in the Eastern slopes of the Varushanadu hills and flows in the North and North-Easterly direction.
  • It receives Theniar on its left bank, just before its confluence with the Vaigai. .
  • The Manjalar another major tributary rises in the Palani hills and flows generally in the Easterly direction before joining the Vaigai below the Vaigai dam.
  • The Manjalar is joined by the Marudhanadhi on its left bank before joining the Vaigai.
  • The Vaigai also receives another minor tributary namely, the Varahanadhi on its left bank below the Vaigai dam.



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