Who Are White Helmets??????? What They Do ? Explained.

White Helmets :

#  White Helmets is a volunteer organisation ,who are a network of first responders formed in the wake of Syrian civil war .

#  They work in Rebel controlled area of Syria and Turkey.

# Their volunteer are known for their white hard Hats.

# They work in rescue operation during Bombing,medical evacuation,evacuation of civilians from danger areas and other service works.

# They are very courageous workers but attracted criticism by Syrian President.

# They have more than 2000 Volunteers for Service works .

# Their motto is “To save one life is to save all of humanity

International Recognition of White Helmets:

# Emerged in 2013,they were  nominated for the Nobel Peace Price in 2016,but didn’t win.

# Their short documentary won Oscar award in 2017.

Any Funding ????

# Some of its members had received training abroad for rescue operations.

# The group said to be received funds from governments of Denmark,Japan ,Germany etc.  

# They also donate individually to purchase equipments.

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