• Opening up of new avenues of employment in urban areas has motivated many young women to take up employment away from their homes to cities.
  •  Due to the rise in prices and high rentals, the cost of living has gone up.
  • Girls from poor and middle class families find it difficult to manage financially in their new places of employment with the meagre income they get. In order to help such working women, the Government runs 28 Working Women Hostels.
  • Administrative approval has been given to start 14 more new working women hostels. Women who earn upto `25,000 per month at Chennai and `15,000 per month in other places are eligible to get admission in these working women hostels. They have to pay a monthly rent of `300 in Chennai and `200 in other places. Sharing system is followed for food expenses, electricity and other charges. The staff salary is paid by the Government.

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