Who Are White Helmets??????? What They Do ? Explained.

White Helmets : #  White Helmets is a volunteer organisation ,who are a network of first responders formed in the wake of Syrian civil war . #  They work in Rebel controlled... Read more »

Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)

Introduction : # Broadcasting content complaints council is the independent ,self regulatory body for non-news general entertainment channels setup by Indian Broadcasting Foundation in 2011. #The council from time to time receive... Read more »

Press Council Of India(PCI)

INTRODUCTION # Press Council of India was formed in 1966 by the parliament on the recommendation of the first press commission with the objective of preserving freedom of press and improving standards... Read more »

Hogenakkal Waterfalls

  # Located on Kaveri River  in Dharmapuri District. # At an altitude of 750 ft, it is 46kms from Dharmapuri with Melagiri Hills in its backdrop. # The two kannada words... Read more »


  # Located at the South-Eastern tip of Pamban Island. # This is now an Abandoned town as it was destroyed during 1964 Rameshwaram Cyclone . # Danushkodi is separated from mainland... Read more »

Kallanai Dam

Read more »

Indian National Congress Annual Sessions -Full Detailed.

1st Session : 1885     President : W.C Bonnerji      Place : Bombay —> First session of Indian National Congress . —> Attented By 72 delegates . —> Objectives of Congress was outlined... Read more »

The East India Association (EIA)

# The East India Association was founded by Dadabhai Naoroji in 1866 together with some Indians and Retired British officials in London. # London Indian Society was superseded by East Indian Association.London... Read more »

Indian (National) Social Conference (ISC)

# Indian Social Conference was founded by M.G.Ranade and Raghunath Rao. # The conference met annually from its first session in 1887 at Madras. # At its meetings, the members had discussions... Read more »

Agasthiyar Falls

# Also called Papanasam Falls. # Located in the Thirunelveli District. # The falls is located on the path of Tamiraparani river in the Western Ghats. # The falls is close to... Read more »