British India Association

# British India Association was formed by uniting to major organisation named Land Holders Society and British India Society.

# British India Association was formed in 31st October 1851 at Calcutta.

# This association was the first political organisation that brought Indian together.

# Its first president was Raja Radhakantha Dev and its first secretary was Debentranath Tagore.Other members include Ramgopal Ghosh ,Peary Chandra Mitra and Krishna Das Pal.

# Its Membership was kept exclusive for Indians.

# The Objective of the association was to secure implementation in the local administration of he country and in the system of government laid down by parliament.

# The association gave lot of grievances letter and petition to parliament about the people of India matters.

# Some of the grievances given by them are improving judicial administration,relaxation of the pressure of the revenue systems,protection of the life and property of the people ,relief from the monopolies of East India Company,Education of Indians,abolition of salt duty etc.

# The newspaper of this society was “Hindu Patriot”.Editor was Harish Chandra Mukherjee

# This organisation had the members predominantly Landlords and Upper Class.Thus its interest mainly vested with pro Zamindari and landed aristocracy.

# Thus large peasants and Raiyats had very little connection with this Association.

# Despite of its pro zamindari ideology,British India Association supported the cause of Raiyats in Indigo protest and asked the government to set up a commission to enquire the problems associated with indigo cultivation.

# British India Association played a good role in building up political consciousness in India and it provided a first step to link people and government politically by giving petitions and grievances.

# British India Association ceased in 1954 after the total abolition of zamindari system in west Bengal.

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