Cobot And Its Applications

What is Cobot????????

Collaborative robot or cobot is a robot which learns multiple tasks and thus it assists humans in most of the work mainly in industries. For example : cobots can tighten the bolts in automobile industry.
Denmark was the first country to develop cobot commercially in the year 2008.In difference to robot,cobot are very safe,easy to handle,flexible and thus assist human in most of his works.

Which sector need cobots ??

As of now,automobile sector is the large adopter of cobots. Electronics industry is also using cobot in large numbers.As industry 4.0 trends, cobots in manufacturing industry is becoming a very important device that helps human physically.

Applications of cobot:

1.loading and unloading
5.Molding Operations
6.Major finishing tasks
7.Polishing and grinding etc.

Cobot and India :

Due to lack of skilled workforce in automobile industry,cobot is becoming an essential tool to assist skilled labor. Even though very less number of cobot sold to India from international market ,the demand rises because of government “Make in India scheme” and increase in production of manufacturing sector especially automobile sector.For every cobot sold in India,30 are sold in china.So china and India buy less number of cobot when compared to the developed markets.Big companies in the market entered into this field include Epson and ABB .

With governments all over the world supports automation for rapid production and also for their economic growth, cobots and related device will spread over international market very soon.Even government will offer subsidy to make cobots just like china did.

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