National Register Of Citizens ,Assam Accord And Its Current Issue of Immigrants – All About!!!!

National Register Of Citizens:

# It is  a register or list of all Indian citizens which was first made in 1951 according to the census of that year.

# Those who fail to enlist in the National Register Of Citizens will be deemed illegal migrants.

# National Register of Citizens is going to be updated  based on Assam Accord  and  because of its relevance it is now very important for exam preparations.

What is Assam Accord   1985 ?

# Elections happened in Assam in 1970’s  drew attention as sudden rise in number of voters at that particular election when compared to previous elections.

# Reports suggested that large scale immigration from Bangladesh cause sudden rise of voters and in 1979 All Assam Students Union went on 12 hours general strike demanding detention and deportation of all foreigners from the Assam.

# Thus Assam accord in 1985 listed down number of measures to be taken for the state to deal with the issue of Illegal Migrants.  

# Assam accord of 1985 begin with the assurance that the government has all along been most anxious to find a satisfactory resolution to the problem of foreigners in Assam.

# Assam accord also says ,all the people who come to Assam before Jan 1, 1966 would be given citizenship.Those who moved in between Jan 1 ,1966 and March 24,1971 would be detected in accordance with foreigners Act 1946 and Foreigners Tribunal Order 1964.Their names would be deleted from electoral roles and disenfranchised for a period of 10 years.

# The Accord 1985 also include a resolution to the case of those who entered Indian borders after March 24,1971.

What it the relation between Assam Accord and National Register Of Citizens??? 

# The National Register Of Citizens of Assam state is being updated as per the provisions of  the Citizenship Act,1955 and the citizenship (Registration of citizens and issue of National Identity Cards ) Rules,2003.It will include persons whose names appear in any of the electoral roles up the midnight of 24th march ,1971 or National Register Of Citizens 1951 and their descendants.

# Now,based on the changes received from the Assam government , the citizenship (Registration of citizens and issue of National Identity Cards ) Rules,2003  were amended in 2009 and 2010 for preparation of National Register Of Citizens by inviting applications from all the residents in Assam for updation of the old National Register Of Citizens 1951 in Assam based on relevant records.

# 3,29 crore persons have applied along with 6.63 crore applications in 2105 for the inclusion of their names in National Register Of Citizens.

Current Situation of National Register Of Citizens in Assam :

# January 2018 ,Assam government released first Draft of National Register Of Citizens which included 1.9 crore name out of 3.29 crore applicants.

# July 2018,Assam government published final draft of National Register Of Citizens  in which 2.89 crore people found eligible as citizens from 3.29 crore and 40.07 lakh people left out.

# Out of 40.07 lakh applicants ,2.48 lakh applicants kept on hold including D-Voters ,descendants of D-Voters,and persons whose cases are pending before foreigners tribunal .

# D – Voters are doubtful voters who has been disenfranchised on the account of failure to prove their citizenship.





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