Poona Sarvajanik Sabha

# Poona sarvajanik sabha,a socio-political organisation founded in 1870 at pune.

# poona sarvajanik sabha formed in a democratic way by electing 95 members from 6000 peoples.

# The main function of Poona savajanik sabha is to foster nationalism among people .

# It organised social service work like relief work during famine .

# Membership for this organisation is open to all class and caste.

# It works in the interest of peasants and supported them in many cause.

# It opposed some of British laws such as Forest law,Salt Law ,Press law etc.

# Thus it is clear that it work as a link between Government and people and thus this organisation can be said as a precursor to Indian National Congress .Some of its members are also members of INC.

#It supported swadeshi products like khadi and sent its member Ganesh Vasudev joshi to Delhi durbar in hand spun Khadi attire.

# Because of ideology split between members of sabha after 1895, its functions slow down and split up into different groups.

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