16% of India’s population


1]Social discrimination based on caste – mainly reflected in job orientation towards manual scavengers, manhole cleaners, municipal cleaners……SECC report says 1.8 lakh households involved in manual scavenging out of which 1.3 lakh are daliths

Note : reasons for proliferation of manual scavenging despite having legislation is presence of dry latrines in India (26 lkh dry toilets – house listing and house census data)

2]mismatch in proper data – Safai karmachari repport says there are 3*1.3 lakh daliths engage in manual scavenging….most of them located in UP and Maharashtra

3]Govt employed manual scavengers in railways and municipalities

4]Lack of political will (because of less bargaining power of this section)

5]Absence of alternative jobs

Legislative interventions

1>Prohibition of employment as manual scavengers and construction of dry latrines act, 1993

This act got revised in 2013

  • it provides not just banning but rehabilitation as well
  • reintegrated into the society
  • empowered

2>National Commission for manual scavengers

How to address manual scavenging ???

  • Strict and penal actions against those employ manual scavengers
  • Holistic liberation of people : self employement and learn new skill
  • Reintegration into the society
  • Use of technolgy for scavenging {eg : Badikoot robot developed in kerala}

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