Any substance that affect body temperature, mood and which has the potential for misuse and is harmfull for both individual and society is said to be abuse of Substance..

There are maily three products that are usually subjected to abuse such as drug,alcohol and tobacco


Tobacco is abused either through smoke or smokeless ways

#India is the 2nd largest producer and consumer of tobacco after China..

#Gives highest rate of return per hectare

  • Give employment in bidi workers and small scale businesses…
  • Govt collect 12% excise duty from tobacco related products..
  • Export allowance is also available….
  • Andhra Pradesh – largest producer

#Active lobbying by golden tobacco companies

#some statistics

  • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says 6 million people die every year due to smoking
  • Out of this 1/6th of death is happening in India
  • This constitute to an economic loss of around $277 billion
  • 1/10th of total death is due to passive smoking
  • Majority share of tobacco deaths are In lower and middle income groups
  • Global Adult Tobacco Survey2009-10 report says 34.6% of adults [47% males and 20% females are tobacco users
  • Green Tobacco Sickness – workers engaged in tobacco cultivation experience this type of acute Nicotine Toxicity

#Regulation Strategies


  • Established by WHO
  • Monitor the use and creating preventive policy
  • Preventing 1st use
  • Offering health to quit and stabilization
  • Warning about danger
  • Enforcing ban on advertisements and promotion (surrogate adverticing)
  • Pricing control and raising taxes



  • Monitoring and control of substance consumption
  • Prevention for treatment and rehabilitation

2)Cigaretts Act , 1975

  • Display of Mandatory warning

3)Preventon of Food Allocation Act, 1990

4)Cigaretts and other Tobacco Productcs Act ,2003

  • Ban on sale to minors
  • Ban on Promotional activities
  • Ban on smoking in public places
  • Ban on sale around school premices
  • Regulation and testing of tar and nicotine contents of Tobacco

5)National Tobacco Control Prgramme

  • Public awareness and community education
  • IEC campaign
  • Media campaign
  • Establishments of testing labs
  • Integration with NRHM
  • Collaboration with Research institutions to find alternative mechanisms



  • Farmer lobby and Industry lobby
  • No institutional mechanism to check the effectiveness of frameworks
  • Taxing mechanism is fraud
  • Increased space of warning is not implemented (Report by Amal Datta committee)
  • Surrogate advertisement
  • 70% of he users wish to quit the habit but only 3-5 % actually succeed (report by Tobacco cessation centre)
  • Positive peer pressure and stable population follow ups


  • 5A’s Apprach – Ask, Advise, Asses, Assist and Arrange
  • Prochaska and Diclemente model
  • Behavioural changes
  • Recent collaboration between National Tobacco Controll Cell with WHO and MoHFW is a better institutional approach ..similar collaboration also requires


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